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Bioactive Compounds

We identify and develop bioactive natural compounds, so-called bioactives, for product developments in the food, animal feed, skin care, chemical and cosmetics industries. Its focus is on the optimized biological effect of natural compounds and the improvement of formulations for customized applications.

The product range includes sugar substitutes and taste modulators for healthier nutrition as well as nature-based active ingredients for cosmetics as well as bioactives for food preservation and for the stabilization of a variety of products.

We support clients from identification of the target and screening of novel actives to applicable prototypes

Bioactives & Performance Biologicals

Receptors play a key role in biological systems in terms of their perception of and interaction with the environment. They are are suitable targets for identifying compounds that can be used to maintain and improve health and well-being. Research on receptors in suitable model systems and the evaluation of potential modulators are the basis of BRAIN’s Bioactives and Performance Biologicals Unit.

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Looking for Bioactive Natural Compounds?

Excellent research and development of natural ingredients and small molecules is offered by our subsidiary AnalytiCon Discovery. Customers come from the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food and agricultural sectors. AnalytiCon Discovery covers the entire spectrum: from the construction of substance libraries to the identification of active ingredients and their synthetic optimization to production on a commercial scale.

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