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May 2018


Blickwinkel Q2 Coverbild

In this issue of BLICKWINKEL, we focus on a story that has connected humanity with insects and diseases for hundreds of years: green bottle fly larvae, which can promote wound healing. BRAIN has explored the connection and developed a biological wound management based on the Aurase® enzyme.

The number of chronic wounds is increasing on a global scale. They cause great human suffering and place a heavy burden on health care systems. At the same time there are accounts handed down for centuries of how bottle fly larvae promote wound healing. BRAIN’s research has succeeded in uniting the two sides of the story: the medical links between bottle fly larvae and wound healing have been successfully decoded and this knowledge has been transferred to gentle wound treatment products.

Microsculptures 3 1
© Levon Biss


British photographer Levon Biss succeeds in portraying the beauty and evolutionary adjustment of insects by putting innumerable close-ups of the animals together to form one huge picture.

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© Carolin Löbbert

The desperate search for innovations in wound management

The number of chronic wounds is increasing on a global scale due to the diabetes epidemic. Diabetes wounds cause great human suffering and place a heavy burden on health care systems. Specialist in internal medicine and diabetologist Dr Dieter Scholz expects new therapies to be developed for practical wound management, and believes these will come from biotechnology.

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Img 4552 1 Sw
© Luise Böttcher, BRAIN AG

Biological wound care with the Aurase® enzyme

The combination of natural biodiversity and biotechnology opens up new prospects in wound treatment. This benefits patients, nursing staff and the health system in equal measure. Speciality enzymes point the way.

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Td Ap Bk 7
© Luise Böttcher, BRAIN AG

The best that bio
technology and nature have to offer

Aurase® is a new enzymatic active ingredient developed by BRAIN for the biological treatment of open wounds. Blickwinkel interviewed Dr Bela Kelety and Dr Alexander Pelzer.

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Img 5173
© Luise Böttcher, BRAIN AG

Tailor-made enzymes for various industries

The BRAIN Group is researching efficient enzymes for food and beverage manufacturers and for specialty applications in a variety of industries. Competences and market access have been systematically improved in recent years.

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3 Fragen Klumpp Boethe
© Studio Nippoldt

3 questions for ...

...research engineer Tanja Klumpp and bioprocess technician Jens Boethe

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