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The BRAIN Group is researching efficient enzymes for food and beverage manufacturers and for specialty applications in a variety of industries. Competences and market access have been systematically improved in recent years.

Inside the BRAIN Group, three business units are focusing on research, development and marketing of enzymes. BRAIN AG in Zwingenberg, Germany, is concentrating on R&D activities and collaborates with its subsidiaries Biocatalysts Ltd. in Cardiff, Great Britain, and WeissBioTech GmbH in Ascheberg, Germany. Biocatalysts Ltd. has focused on the development, production and distribution of speciality enzymes for various industries such as food and fine chemicals for more than 35 years. Since March 2018 Biocatalysts Ltd. has been a member of the BRAIN Group. WeissBioTech GmbH, which joined the BRAIN Group as early as 2014, completes the goup's portfolio of competencies and provides additional access channels to various markets.

Improved enzyme systems for starch-processing industries

A joint development project is looking into more efficient enzymes that boost the hydrolysis of starch into glucose and thus enhance glucose yield. These enzymes are relevant for industrial manufacturers of starch, alcohol, beer and bioethanol.

Nature-based lactase prevents lactose intolerance

The BRAIN Group develops and produces a variety of speciality enzymes for various sectors of the food industry. The focus is also on a new nature-based lactase formulation for dairy products in response to the growing problem posed by lactose intolerance. Lactase is an enzyme that breaks milk sugar (lactose) down into its constituents. Lactase deficiency causes digestive problems in those affected. The BRAIN Group is able to produce lactase in a fermentation process. The development of new lactase products also aims to reduce unpleasant off-tastes in lactose-free food and minimize the residual milk sugar in dairy products.

Proteases for in vitro diagnostics

Based on BRAIN’s proprietary BioArchive and its special expertise in identifying and subsequently optimizing new enzyme candidates, BRAIN is able to develop a continuous series of efficient solutions for speciality applications. This includes a new enzyme of the protease family which hydrolyses other proteins, i.e. breaks them down by means of a chemical process using water. Proteases are also used to remove protein impurities from blood and tissue samples prior to analyses in medical and clinical diagnostics. BRAIN has developed a protease product for this use that is currently being evaluated for possible application.

Pectinase enzymes for fruit juice and wine

Fruit juice and wine producers depend on pectinases. This family of enzymes breaks down pectins and plays a key role in terms of product quality and process yield. There is a growing demand for non-genetically-engineered pectinases for fruit juice and wine production. The BRAIN Group is performing research for this market segment based on classical production strain developments. This has made it possible to develop new types of pectinases for speciality applications and to improve previously known enzymes.

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