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February 2016


Is there anything left to be discovered nowadays? We have the impression that more organisms are becoming extinct than new ones discovered. Howeever, so far we have discovered only a fraction of the overall scope and creativity of global biodiversity. The microcosmos in particular still contains many mysteries of inestimable potential for various industrial applications. 

You can read in this magazine how BRAIN is harnessing this hitherto untapped potential and what opportunities this offers for new industrial solutions and novel products. The BLICKWINKEL team also went on an exciting discovery tour. BRAIN was given the exclusive opportunity to take a series of photos outside opening hours at Senckenberg Natural History Museum in Frankfurt am Main. The team and BRAIN’s management would like to thank the responsible officers at the museum again most cordially for granting us these special insights! You can read in this magazine an interview with Professor Mosbrugger, Director-General of Senckenberg Natural History Museum.

© Senckenberg

Man believes he is the pinnacle of creation…

… when in fact he is only a tiny piece of the biosphere puzzle. In an interview with BRAIN, the evolutionary biologist and Director General of the Senckenberg Research Institute and Natural History Museum in Frankfurt am Main, Prof Volker Mosbrugger, explains why seven billion people could live quite decent lives on Earth today if we were able to remedy the strong imbalance in our living conditions.

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You get what you 
screen for

Natural scientists like Charles Darwin and ­Alexander von Humboldt travelled to foreign countries, described natural phenomena and discovered a wealth of new plant and animal species. They changed our picture of the world, but did not venture into the microcosmos.

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Night at the museum 

Record of a nighttime discovery tour of the world of biodiversity at Senckenberg Natural History Museum in Frankfurt am Main

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