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May 2016


On February 9, 2016, BRAIN made a successful entry onto the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. The road from Zwingenberg to the Deutsche Börse in Frankfurt can be long and winding, but colourful. Tim Hölscher reconstructed this journey with a creative twist using five pinhole cameras fashioned from mailing boxes. The time is ripe for the bioeconomy to unfold its potential for trading on the capital markets.

We at BRAIN are very happy that we succeeded in selling to new investors all the 3.5 million shares issued by means of a capital increase, within the defined price range and in an extremely volatile market. And this despite the general trend on the capital market. Between the announcement of our plans to go public and what is known as book-building, the DAX fell by about 12 per cent. True teamwork among all BRAIN colleagues was the key to our successful IPO. This was achieved against the backdrop of a very difficult business environment. The team is the real star in this story. This also goes to show that the bioeconomy is accepted as having a key role to play in the future. During the roadshow, the company addressed over 90 institutional investors in only 10 working days. Private investors, some of whom had already indirectly invested in BRAIN via the MiG-Fonds, were also contacted in connection with the IPO, thus making it possible to issue about 20 per cent of the new shares to private individuals in German-speaking countries.

Read more insights and inside views on BRAIN’s IPO from Sven Kapell, a member of the ECM Team of the managing underwriter ODDO Seydler, and BRAIN consultant Professor Wolfgang Blättchen, as well as the thoughts of transkript editor Dr Bernd Kaltwaßer. All three of them describe BRAIN’s entry onto the stock exchange from their personal viewpoint. In an interview with BRAIN’s CEO, you can read about his personal highlights en route to the successful IPO.

Weg An Die Boerse Vorher Nachher
© Tim Hoelscher

The road 
to the stock 

An unassuming parcel and an unconventional technique make for a successful entry onto the stock market. Five mailing boxes converted to pinhole cameras were sent from BRAIN in Zwingenberg to the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

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Brain Ipo 6
© Luise Böttcher

Goes Public: Sustainable Success

This is a remarkable success for everyone concerned. BRAIN made it to the stock exchange despite difficult conditions on the financial markets. Dr Bernd Kaltwaßer, editor of life sciences magazine transkript reports in detail.

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Comments by two stock market specialists

Professor Wolfgang Blättchen, managing partner of Blättchen Financial Advisory GmbH and Sven Kapell, Managing Director of Oddo Seydler Bank AG, give their professional opinion of BRAIN’s IPO.

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Juergen Eck 3
© Studio Nippoldt

The Time is Ripe

Trading on the capital markets is anything but plain sailing. The fact that BRAIN nevertheless successfully negotiated its entry onto the stock exchange proves that investors place trust in the bioeconomy. An interview with BRAIN “captain”, Dr Jürgen Eck.

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© Tim Hoelscher

to the picture

Works by photographer and artist Tim Hölscher

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A Z 0
© Laura Breiling

An A – Z guide 
to the IPO

An A – Z Guide to the IPO – While financial reports by a company are an important source of infor- mation, the terminology they use gets many readers hot under the collar. The editors have provided a “little A – Z guide to the IPO” to help them out.

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