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October 2018


Scientists at BRAIN are creatively searching for new structures, for example by decoding biological systems in the skin. In so doing they are exploring the cascades of metabolic processes that are unleashed at cellular level by external stimuli. The better we understand these processes and how they are linked, the easier it will be to transfer them to industrial fields of application such as the development of bio-based care products or natural taste modulators.

In this issue of BLICKWINKEL, we explain these special and indeed sometimes unique areas of expertise that distinguish the research work performed by BRAIN. By gaining an ever deeper understanding of the biological structures and systems that exist in our skin or in the taste buds on the human tongue, BRAIN scientists succeed in developing ever more precise cell-based assays for reproducing sensory reactions. These assays make it possible to simulate physiological processes in the skin and to make reliable statements at laboratory level on which skin reactions or taste perceptions are caused by contact with natural substances.

Rudolf Img 1
© Dr Rüdiger Rudolf

Paradigm shift 
for cell-based models

Prof Dr Rüdiger Rudolf about the develpoment of Organoids based on complex 3D cell cultures for the screening of new bioactive compounds for skin care and biomedicine.

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Haut 01
© We are Büro Büro

skin care

An interview with Dr Alice Kleber and Dr Dirk Sombroek about unique BRAIN technologies and the development programmes TRiP2Sensation and TRiP2Taste developing new cosmetics and skin-care products.

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Schweiss 01

So long, sweat!

There is a growing demand for aluminium-free antiperspirants and deodorants that are based on natural substances. Dr Torsten Ertongur-Fauth explains novel test systems for identifying natural substances that can be used to reduce human perspiration.

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Backhaus A Moment 2015
© Jessica Backhaus

A Trilogy

In her latest Trilogy series, photo artist Jessica Backhaus unites the interplay of colour, structures and surfaces. Here we present an extract from this intriguing and comprehensive collection.

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© Markus Bassler

Healthy ageing

Given demographic change, healthy ageing is an increasingly important topic for policy-makers, business and society in general. While new requirements are arising for the health care system, there are also new opportunities for innovations in this broad thematic area. Dr Dirk Sombroek talks about the NatLifE 2020 innovation alliance to which this issue is devoted.

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Riedel 1 Zeichenflaeche 1 Kopie 4

Acquiring a taste

Dr Katja Riedel talks about BRAIN’s research into the perception of different tastes for healthier foods.

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3 Fragen Klumpp Boethe

3 questions for ...

... research technician Sabine Weber and research associate Dirk Ritzmann.

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