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In her latest Trilogy series, photo artist Jessica Backhaus unites the interplay of colour, structures and surfaces. Here we present an extract from this intriguing and comprehensive collection.

Jessica Backhaus approaches her work with a great spirit of adventure. A photo artist, she draw inspiration from simple everyday things, inconspicuous objects and silence. Her new trilogy combines three series of about 40 works each. The first series Beyond Blue consists of colourful threads arranged against different-coloured backgrounds. This radical reduction gives us pause to explore the intertwining of the apparently unspectacular and the ensuing contemplation. In Shifting Clouds, Jessica Backhaus observes and documents the reality that lies between things. The second series shows fragments and visual reflections that hover at the threshold. Mirror images, haptic surfaces, imaginative structures that are constantly changing; rhythmic, vibrant shades and colour-charged sensations. In the third series, New Horizon, the artist presents free and subtly convincing poetic impressions. The compositions capture our attention through their diversity and elements of mystery. Jessica Backhaus explores new pathways in photography; components of mixed media, painting and collage lead to further and deeper abstraction.

Backhaus Close To Me 2016
Backhaus Another Time 2017
Backhaus Ilaria 2016
Backhaus Ahead Of Time 2016
Backhaus Yellow 2016
Backhaus Longing 2016
Backhaus Folding 2016
Jessica Backhaus 2016

Jessica Backhaus

Jessica Backhaus was born in Cuxhaven, Germany in 1970 and grew up in an artistic family. At the age of sixteen, she moved to Paris, where she later studied photography and visual communications. Here she met Gisele Freund in 1992, who became her mentor. In 1995 her passion for photography drew her to New York, where she assisted photographers, pursued her own projects and lived until 2009. Jessica Backhaus has been living and work- ing in Berlin again since autumn 2009. Backhaus is represented by INTERNATIONAL ART BRIDGE  – Art Consulting & Contemporary Art.

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