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February 2017


Taste perception and flavour enhancement in food are highly relevant bioeconomy topics that BRAIN has been working on and promoting with success in several industrial partnerships and in the NatLifE 2020 strategic alliance for a number of years. Aims are less sugar consumption and healthier food.

The title “Taste” covers a variety of different human taste perceptions, including sweet, salty, bitter, sour and umami, as well as the taste of fat. When you read the highly engrossing article by scientist Dr Toni Meier from Halle-Wittenberg University, as well as the interview with the two BRAIN scientists Dr Christiane Gras and Dr Katja Riedel, you will soon realise that healthy food and taste are not just human phenomena.

The focus of our work is on the human taste cells that BRAIN scientists have isolated from the epithelium of the human tongue and successfully cultured in the laboratory. This path-breaking technology was patented in the U.S. in August 2016. These human taste cells, termed HTC, model human taste perception. BRAIN’s scientists succeeded in immortalising these cells, so that they can now be used to search for new natural taste modulators.

An artistic approach to the theme of taste and nutrition rounds off the picture in this issue of BLICKWINKEL, in the truest sense of the term. Food photographer Markus Bassler and food stylist Oliver Hick-Schulz, the duo behind “De Pönk. Bureau Culinaire” offer us an oeuvre composed of fat, salt, sweet and neutral notes that give us revolutionary and extravagant insights into the world of taste modulation.

Geschmack Illu 1 2

The future 
of nutrition

The future of nutrition. Nutritional scientist Toni Meier examines changing trends in nutrition and outlines a vision of how we will approach food production and consumption in the future.

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Geschmack 3

Precision paired with imagination

Precision paired with imagination. Food photographer Markus Bassler and food stylist Oliver Hick-Schulz, the duo behind “De Pönk. Bureau Culinaire”, found BRAIN’s research into taste modulation so exciting that they quickly found a way of visualising it for the current issue of BLICKWINKEL.

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Riede Gras 1

Sweet or sour

Dr Katja Riedel and Dr Christiane Gras conduct research on taste optimisation at BRAIN. In this interview with BLICKWINKEL’s editors, they tell us what milestones have already been achieved and how BRAIN is using the potential of its taste cell technology.

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Geschmack Von Heimat 1
© Sandra Knecht

the taste of home

Exploring the taste of home. Sandra Knecht has spent several years exploring the issues of home and identity. “Many a time on a Sunday” at her “Chnächt” eatery, located near the harbour in Basle/Switzerland, the artist conjures up meals designed to embody the taste of home.

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Blickwinkel Brain Q1 2016/17
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