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Articles on the topic “Culture”

Planet 0

1001 planets

Since 2014, the photographer and conceptual artist Daniel T. Braun has been creating art works using a combination of mobile camera and cheap telescope. Looking for and zooming on material structures and light formation, he creates an illusion of planets in his pictures.

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Geschmack 3

Precision paired with imagination

Precision paired with imagination. Food photographer Markus Bassler and food stylist Oliver Hick-Schulz, the duo behind “De Pönk. Bureau Culinaire”, found BRAIN’s research into taste modulation so exciting that they quickly found a way of visualising it for the current issue of BLICKWINKEL.

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Geschmack Von Heimat 1
© Sandra Knecht

the taste of home

Exploring the taste of home. Sandra Knecht has spent several years exploring the issues of home and identity. “Many a time on a Sunday” at her “Chnächt” eatery, located near the harbour in Basle/Switzerland, the artist conjures up meals designed to embody the taste of home.

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Aphrodite 25X35

Designing Imperfection

Digital designer António Alves Felizardo’s project “Designing imperfection” was prompted by a random error. He describes how he used a series of experiments to consciously shape errors to gain attractive visual results.

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Night at the museum 

Record of a nighttime discovery tour of the world of biodiversity at Senckenberg Natural History Museum in Frankfurt am Main

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Marc Alcock 6

Space Travel

Space Travel. Photographer Marc Alcock travels through American landscapes. His photos merge nature with traces of human activity to form fascinating impressions.

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Weg An Die Boerse Vorher Nachher
© Tim Hoelscher

The road 
to the stock 

An unassuming parcel and an unconventional technique make for a successful entry onto the stock market. Five mailing boxes converted to pinhole cameras were sent from BRAIN in Zwingenberg to the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

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© Tim Hoelscher

to the picture

Works by photographer and artist Tim Hölscher

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Palmengarten Historisch
© Archive Palmengarten

Plant Exoticism

Dr Hilke Steinecke and Dr Matthias Jenny tell us about the Palmengarten (‘palm garden’) in Frankfurt am Main, where an incredible variety of plant species are nurtured and cherished. The Palmengarten also grows edible plants that we use in our kitchens and that provide popular herbs and spices.

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Anja Jahn
© Anja Jahn

Picture spread "Urban Plant Exoticism"

Images from Anja Jahn are marked by a special intimacy. She takes time with her subjects and approaches them with feeling and respect. Her series of photographs were taken at Palmengarten Frankfurt in 2018. 

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Microsculptures 3 1
© Levon Biss


British photographer Levon Biss succeeds in portraying the beauty and evolutionary adjustment of insects by putting innumerable close-ups of the animals together to form one huge picture.

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Backhaus A Moment 2015
© Jessica Backhaus

A Trilogy

In her latest Trilogy series, photo artist Jessica Backhaus unites the interplay of colour, structures and surfaces. Here we present an extract from this intriguing and comprehensive collection.

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