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Articles on the topic “Science”

© Senckenberg

Man believes he is the pinnacle of creation…

… when in fact he is only a tiny piece of the biosphere puzzle. In an interview with BRAIN, the evolutionary biologist and Director General of the Senckenberg Research Institute and Natural History Museum in Frankfurt am Main, Prof Volker Mosbrugger, explains why seven billion people could live quite decent lives on Earth today if we were able to remedy the strong imbalance in our living conditions.

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Geschmack Illu 1 2

The future 
of nutrition

The future of nutrition. Nutritional scientist Toni Meier examines changing trends in nutrition and outlines a vision of how we will approach food production and consumption in the future.

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Biominig World

Miniature Miners Making it Big

In view of dwindling primary resources, a new age is dawning – the advent of bio-based processes to mining (Biomining or Green Mining). Read here which answers European projects Ecometals and Biomore can give to some of the most pressing issues.

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Suess Fett Salzig Aufmacher
© Christoph Kleinstück

Sweet, fatty, salty

Research in the interests of a healthy and tasty diet: Modifying the composition and original forms of naturally occurring plants is an art that humankind has been constantly developing and fine-tuning for thousands of years. Professor Dr Joachim J. Schmitt describes current research work at Fulda University of Applied Sciences to select food constituents according to how they alter taste sensations so as to promote health.

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Simon Aufmacher
© Dr Simon Seibert, BRAIN AG

The Power 
of Analytics

Biotechnological research and development would be virtually impossible without instrumental analytics. This is also true at BRAIN, where Dr Simon Seibert coordinates the Analytics Technology Platform. As well as having a state-of-the art pool of equipment, its special strengths lie in its close interlinkage with specific research projects, its methodological flexibility and the curiosity of its staff.

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Titel Neuen Naturstoffen Auf Der Spur
© AnalytiCon Discovery

Tracking down new natural products

BLICKWINKEL spoke with Dr Karsten Siems and Dr Lars Ole Haustedt (AnalytiCon Discovery) about the special attraction of plant and microbial secondary metabolites for sustainable natural foods and cosmetics.

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Elemente Blikwinkel Web 001
© Carolin Löbbert

The desperate search for innovations in wound management

The number of chronic wounds is increasing on a global scale due to the diabetes epidemic. Diabetes wounds cause great human suffering and place a heavy burden on health care systems. Specialist in internal medicine and diabetologist Dr Dieter Scholz expects new therapies to be developed for practical wound management, and believes these will come from biotechnology.

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Rudolf Img 1
© Dr Rüdiger Rudolf

Paradigm shift 
for cell-based models

Prof Dr Rüdiger Rudolf about the develpoment of Organoids based on complex 3D cell cultures for the screening of new bioactive compounds for skin care and biomedicine.

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