BRAIN Group at IFT20

BRAIN Group companies – BRAIN AG, Biocatalysts Ltd, AnalytiCon Discovery and WeissBioTech – attended this years virtual Food Expo of the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT).

Advanced Bio-based Products for Market Differentiation

The BRAIN Group provides first-class research and development work, specific production know-how and access to attractive markets.

Based on natural biodiversity and on our BioArchive – a large collection of microorganisms and natural compounds, metagenome and enzyme libraries as well as complete metabolic paths – we offer access to an immense variety of new biological solutions for sustainable industrial processes and ingredients.

Our research and development activities are based on a world-class biotechnology portfolio and are driven by a solution focused creative mindset which overcomes single technology limitations.

Healthier Food and Natural Product Preservation

BRAIN’s Nutrition unit allies natural resources with an ingenious portfolio and the determination to deliver value. We develop and offer enzymes, natural ingredients and high-performance microorganisms for the food & beverage industry.

We help customers worldwide to:

  • make food healthier by reducing sugar or salt while retaining sweetness or savour,
  • make food tastier more efficiently by creating and enhancing natural flavours or masking off-tastes,
  • support gut health in humans and animals by providing functional probiotics

  • reduce food waste and maintain freshness of foodstuffs thanks to the use of natural bioactive antimicrobials

We provide cost-effective innovations from hit identification to production, scale-up and supply.

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BRAIN Group at IFT20

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Microbial Culture Resources for Fermented Food & Beverages and Probiotics

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Natural Protection of Food & Beverages – FRESCO

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Alternative proteins

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Informationen zu SALT-E (englisch)

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Informationen zu DOLCE (englisch)

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Taste-technology expertise

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Enzyme Discovery: Maximising Success using Nature’s Biodiversity (englisch)

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Antioxidants – High Performance from Nature

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New active ingredients from nature

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Natural Product Services

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Prebiotics based on Natural Products

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More information on specific programs:

Healthier and Tastier Food

  • We reduce salt in processed food within SALT-E
  • We reduce sugar in processed food within DOLCE program
  • We preserve food with natural bio­actives within FRESCO program
  • We support gut health with functional probiotics

Boosting Taste Sensation

We offer:

  • TRP-based bioactive candidates within TriP2Taste program,
  • potency, efficacy and cross-selectivity measurement,
  • validation and cross-check on human cell lines and other molecular targets.

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