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Annual Report 2018/19

Pioneering Bioproducts

Industrial biotechnology enables natural raw materials to be utilized efficiently, industrial manufacturing processes to be improved and new biobased products to be created. With its wide range of biobased ingredients and processes, the BRAIN Group makes a significant contribution to making consumer goods more effective and healthier and to making industrial processes more efficient and more sustainable. The company is an active pioneer in the move away from fossil raw materials and towards sustainably produced and utilized biological resources.

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Annual Report 2018/19

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(in € million)
Previous year: 27, 1
Adjusted EBITDA
(in € million)
Previous year: –5.3
25.8 %
Equity ratio (in %)
(in € million)
Previous year: 38.2 %
Cash flows from operating activities
(in € million)
Previous year: –5.4

*until 31.12.2019

Adriaan (Aryan) Moelker BRAIN

BRAIN sets course for the future

Dr. Jürgen Eck, co-founder of BRAIN, long-standing CTO and CEO since 1 August 2015, will hand over his mandate as CEO to Adriaan Moelker, who is to head the Group from 1 February 2020. Mr. Moelker will in future be responsible for the enhanced commercialization of the product and project businesses with the aim of leading the company into its next expansion phase.

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Bioeconomy – the biological transformation of industry

In order to meet rising demand for sustainably produced or biobased goods, both policymakers and business are driving the biologization of industrial processes, goods and consumer goods. New technologies, processes, services and business models are helping to make the production and consumption cycle more sustainable, thereby establishing the basis for a forward-looking economy and way of life.

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Healthier and more efficient consumer products

From foods through to care products, consumers are increasingly selecting products based on natural ingredients. This has led manufacturers to adopt new approaches when utilizing natural basic materials and biotechnology production processes. BRAIN is deploying its specialty enzymes, in particular, in order to respond to the requirements of the high-growth markets for biobased products and processes. These specialty enzymes generate distinctive aromas, accelerate biochemical conversion processes and extract every last bit of goodness from fruit used to produce juices, oils and wine.

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Real innovations for highly profitable markets

BRAIN is continuously expanding its development pipeline, adding new validated product ideas and harnessing business potential in promising areas. Innovations are generated based on novel cell models for simulating sensorial reactions, as well as from unique methods for decoding how microorganisms work. Examples of applications for new product ideas range from natural sweeteners to the sustainable extraction of metal.

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From biotechnology to commercial success

BRAIN combines a first-class technology portfolio with a unique proprietary BioArchive. Both the company’s own business units and partners from industry benefit from this powerful combination of inhouse resources and the application of cutting-edge, high-tech methodology.

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