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ESG – Corporate Governance

Principles and policies defining Brain Biotech AG´s responsible operations

  • We comply with all statutory corporate governance regulations as well as the recommendations of the German Corporate Governance Code (DCGK, exceptions specified and justified in the statement of conformity.
  • BRAIN Biotech AG Code of Conduct
  • BRAIN’s Privacy Statement
  • BRAIN’s Disclosure Policy
  • Quality, health and safety policy
  • Financial responsibility: BRAIN’s operations produce added value to different stakeholders in the countries we operate. Financial benefits are shared between, among others, suppliers, personnel, owners and the public sector.
  • Internal compliance: qualified internal compliance officer, permanent risk assessment, audit committee, internal audit team and risk reporting.
  • Monthly reporting and audit meetings with the subsidiaries.
  • Member of these associations: BIODeutschland, DECHEMA, IWBio, VCI.

BRAIN Biotech AG’s most important responsibility themes: healthy and natural; product safety; responsible business conduct; workplace safety.

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