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Environment – Social – Governance

ESG – Sustainability Contributions

Our products and solutions directly address these UN SDG’s: 2, 3, 6, 9, 12 and 13

BRAIN is empowering the biological transformation of the industry

  • Industrial biotechnology is at the heart of the Bioeconomy
  • Utilize natural raw materials efficiently
  • Improve industrial manufacturing processes to become more sufficient
  • Create new bio-based products
  • Make consumer goods healthier and more effective
  • Move away from fossil raw materials towards sustainably produced natural resources
  • Safe energy compared to chemical processes
  • Significantly less CO2 emissions
  • Focus areas: nutrition, health and the environment
  • Powered by our BioArchive, a proprietary collection of natural compounds, enzymes and microorganisms, driven by our deep R&D and process knowledge

Selected products and solutions:

  • Food: Reduce calorie density in foods by natural sweeteners while maintaining the taste profiles; reduce the salt content in food;
  • Good health: functional probiotics; replace chemicals in cosmetics by natural compounds; enzymatic debridement of chronicle wounds;
  • Water/ sanitation: replacing chemicals by biological metal extraction from e-scrap, incinerator bottom ash and other mineralic resources;
  • Industry innovation: improving production efficiency; reducing CO2 emissions and using CO2 as a raw material;
  • Responsible consumption: reducing the perishability of food by bioactive antimicrobials to reduce food waste;
  • Climate action: managing pollution; transforming waste streams into unprecedented value chains.

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