20 January 2021

Biosun Biochemicals: Much more to offer than a traditional distributor

Biosun Biochemicals Inc. (U.S.) d/b/a BIOSUN FLAVORS & FOOD INGREDIENTS (BIOSUN FFI) has been part of the BRAIN Group since January 1, 2021. Among other things, it will help to expand the Group´s sales and manufacturing capacities in North America.

Biosun FFI joined the BRAIN Group as of the first of January 2021 becoming a wholly owned subsidiary of BRAIN AG. The company was founded in 1996 by Mark Messersmith and its corporate offices are located in sunny Tampa, Florida. It houses main offices, extensive refrigerated storage, liquid blending facilities and analytical laboratories. It’s eight specially- skilled employees work on site.

Mr. Messersmith, currently the CEO of the company, describes his motivation in starting Biosun: “After a 20 year career in laboratory, quality control, manufacturing, technical services, sales and marketing, representing major corporations, I decided it was time to apply my acquired knowledge and experience to found a corporation that would bring my own personal mission to the marketplace. That mission was to offer a corporate team with screened and highly qualified people to bring a diversified line of products with a heightened level of customer service that provided technical, physical and supply-chain solutions.”

Customer contact at a high professional level

According to Messersmith, customer service involves accepting customers' problems as your own and trying to solve them by not only applying expert knowledge, but also accepting the customer as a partner and friend in the process. Accordingly, Biosun, which is more recognized in the U.S. by Biosun FFI (Flavor & Food Ingredients), attaches great importance to the technical, craft and professional capabilities of its personnel to support this high level of customer contact. In addition to caring for the customer personably, Biosun’s support extends to technical analysis and pilot application laboratories, on site – unusual for common distributors, brokers or agents to offer.

The combination of representing some of the largest global manufacturers and offering intimate customer contact has led to the success of the company for more than two decades. This makes the company a good fit for the BRAIN Group, as personal and binding support for customers and cooperative partners, at a high technical level, is also a top priority for the other companies in the Group.

Complete range of food ingredients

Today Biosun FFI operates as a distributor, blender, and manufacturer of a complete range of food ingredients, including flavors, enzymes, natural colors and specialty food ingredients. The company serves as one of Givaudan’s primary U.S. distributors for compounded flavors in select industries. Messersmith is particularly proud of this: “This partnership allows us to offer brand-differentiating flavors in the beverage, confectionery, spice and dairy industries, developed by the world's largest flavor manufacturer, while caring for the smaller customer in a more intimate fashion." he said.

Messersmith plans to retire within 2021, during which he intends to guide and contribute to his successor a plan to maintain his mission while BRAIN injects the necessary resources to drive the company to new heights. On the sale of the company, he says: “With BRAIN as a successor I have now found the optimal owner to accelerate Biosun’s growth ambitions, to open a new chapter in the business development for my employees and to offer new possibilities to our valued customers.”

Multifaceted distributor, blender and manufacturer

Biosun FFI offers ingredients, including:

  • Flavors
  • Processing enzymes
  • Natural colors
  • FD&C colors
  • Specialty food ingredients

The technical staff at Biosun FFI has over 30 years of experience in the food industry. Biosun FFI is a market leader in enzymes for the Florida citrus industry and North Central cranberry industry. In addition, we offer a full range of enzymes for fruit and vegetable processing, meat tenderizing, cheese modification, and industrial applications.

Further information: www.biosunffi.com

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