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15 March 2022

Annual General Meeting 2022

The Annual General Meeting of BRAIN Biotech AG took place on March 9, 2022, again virtually due to the pandemic. the participating shareholders approved the Executive Board and Supervisory Board by a large majority. All of the AGM resolutions were passed by the participating shareholders, including a renewed advance capital reserve resolution to create flexible financing options for the future growth of the BRAIN Biotech AG.

“The top priority for BRAIN Biotech AG remains our aim to become profitable.”

Adriaan Moelker, CEO BRAIN Biotech AG
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Tech check before the live webcast began.

Chief Executive Officer Adriaan Moelker emphasized with a view to the future: “The top priority for BRAIN Biotech AG remains our aim to become profitable. To achieve this, we will continue our drive for growth, control expenses, leverage synergies within the BRAIN Group and further optimize processes. We will continue to focus on our incubator pipeline and manage it systematically as communicated before. To help achieve our goals, we have defined clear responsibilities within the individual companies and throughout the Group. Hence, during the last two years we have created the conditions for profitable growth and we are confident that the BRAIN team will achieve our communicated ambitious goals.”

Chief Financial Officer Lukas Linnig summarized the development of the figures in the past fiscal year and stated: “The last quarter of the 2020/21 financial year showed a significant upturn in business activity despite the Corona pandemic. This positive trend has strongly continued in the first quarter of the new fiscal year. We currently have a solid cash position and aim to return to a stable growth path in financial year 2021/22. Our gene-editing technology platform, which we are currently developing, will be a major driver for this. We are on a very good path and have also expressed this in our quantitative full-year guidance.”

The detailed voting results as well as the presentations of the Management Board and all other documents relating to the Annual General Meeting are available on the BRAIN Biotech website at https://www.brain-biotech.com/investors/annual-general-meetings/agm-fy-2020-21.

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