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3 March 2020

End of an Era: Changeover at BRAIN AG

Dr. Jürgen Eck resigned from the Executive Board at the end of 2019 and left the company on the best of terms with the company's Supervisory Board. He will remain with BRAIN AG as a consultant for the innovation pipeline.

An era came to an end when Dr. Jürgen Eck left BRAIN after 26 years. The co-founder had contributed to the positive development of BRAIN as Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and from August 1, 2015 also as CEO. His successor is Adriaan Moelker, a Dutchman with more than 20 years of professional experience in industrial biotechnology who has lived with his family in the Frankfurt area for 14 years. Read the quotes on the occasion of the announcement of the changeover in December 2019:

Dr. Georg Kellinghusen, Chairman of the BRAIN Supervisory Board: “Following the successful IPO in 2016 and the successful expansion of the business, BRAIN is now focusing on the consistent commercialisation of its product and project base. The Supervisory Board is convinced that Adriaan Moelker will give important impetus to the next expansion phase of our company. I would like to thank Dr Jürgen Eck for his successful work as CEO over the past four years. His outstanding accomplishments for BRAIN, which he co-founded and has significantly shaped for more than 25 years as CTO and CEO with his innovative power, cannot be appreciated highly enough. He is handing over BRAIN as a successful company that will continue its strong growth course.”

Dr. Jürgen Eck: “I am proud of what we have achieved over the past 26 years. The technologies and innovative power to develop new but sustainable products and production processes serve a global megatrend. I would like to thank everyone who has worked and continues to work for BRAIN for their contribution and commitment. I wish my colleagues every success in the further growth of BRAIN as an innovative company in industrial biotechnology.”

Adriaan Moelker, designated Chairman of the Management Board (CEO): “BRAIN is a well-known and highly respected institution in the field of industrial biotechnology. The company’s competencies are as unquestionable as its growth potential. I am looking forward to strengthening BRAIN’s growth course on the basis of the two core segments BioIndustrial and BioScience at this important time for the company. For me personally, this task is taking me back to biotechnology and thus to the industry in which I really feel at home.”

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