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12 January 2021

Microbial Alternative to Pet Food Manufacturing

Which enzyme do you like to use? Of animal or microbial origin? Biocatalysts Ltd is dedicated to the development and production of a range of microbial alternative enzymes for the food and pet food industry and has recently launched a protease specifically for the pet food market.

Both meat and fish proteins are used in pet food production. To ensure that they are appreciated and well digested by dogs and cats, treatment with enzymes such as proteases is performed to improve flavor and aid in their digestion. BRAIN Group member Biocatalysts Ltd has recently launched such a protease as a microbial alternative to papain. Daren Bryce, Commercial Director Biocatalysts Ltd states: “The demand from the food and pet food industries for microbial alternatives to enzymes is increasing, due to the demand for improved quality and supply of enzymes and the consumer push for clean label and healthier products.”

The broad-spectrum protease Promod™ 971MDP is effective on a wide range of meat and fish proteins. This protease can be used as an alternative to the enzyme papain by the pet food industry and pet food ingredient suppliers, according to Biocatalysts Ltd.

How does it work? Hydrolysis with Promod™ 971MDP breaks down the protein into peptides at the same time exposing the fats present in the substrate, giving easier access to lipases such as Lipomod™ 888MDP. Both enzymes together can provide an improved savoury flavour profile of the "treats". They also bring about efficient hydrolysis and thus better solubility, which in turn has a positive effect during extrusion and production of the end product. Importantly for the animal, digestibility is increased by the enzymes, which also improves nutrient absorption.

Compared with the conventionally used papain, manufacturer Biocatalysts Ltd cites the following as further advantages: very high enzymatic activity, cost-effectiveness and continuity of supply.

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