Production hall L.A. Schmitt
6 May 2020

Staff reshuffle in response to pandemic

How L.A. Schmitt, a member of the BRAIN Group, is contributing to the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic

Employees of cosmetics company L.A. Schmitt are very familiar with disinfection and hygiene. The company has been producing cosmetics and high-end wellness articles for almost 100 years, and hand hygiene spray and gel have also been part of the portfolio for some years. Now L.A. Schmitt is also producing disinfectants on a larger scale – the legal basis for this is the special decree of the German Federal Government. According to Managing Director Ivo Petschke, however, the products are only sold to commercial enterprises in the region, for example to hairdressers or retailers.

Unusual Personnel System

In order to maintain production even in the case of individual absences due to illness, Petschke has come up with a rather unusual personnel system. This envisages reshuffling the workforce and employing some of them temporarily outside their usual roles. Instead, they are deployed in other areas – depending on their previous knowledge and skills. This means that production staff are now also taking on administrative tasks, while administrative staff are also involved in production. Hats off to such a flexible workforce!

BRAIN’s activities on cosmetics and health:
BRAIN develops and manufactures sustainable ingredients for cosmetics, skin care and wound care products. The portfolio includes both natural and bioactive solutions. → BRAIN’s activities in bio-based wound and skin care

Production hall L.A. Schmitt
Company L.A. Schmitt develops and produces cosmetic and wellness products according to customer’s needs and specifications. The company was founded in 1925 and has been a member of the BRAIN Group since 2009.

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