Buettelborn WBT hall
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17 December 2019

WeissBioTech moving closer

WeissBioTech is moving closer to the location of BRAIN AG and creating capacities for further growth – for itself but also for the entire BRAIN Group.

WeissBioTech GmbH (WBT) has been part of the BRAIN Group since 2014. The company produces enzymes, yeast starter cultures, natural preservatives and other fermentatively produced products. These are used in the food industry for the production of fruit and vegetable juices, wine or beer or even bioethanol and starch. Last year WBT decided to build a new production and storage facility in Büttelborn, Germany.

With this location, the company is moving closer to its parent company BRAIN AG. There are practical reasons for this new physical proximity, as WBT's research and development work is largely carried out in cooperation with BRAIN AG in Zwingenberg. But the logistics of goods transport to customers also benefits from the new location and its large storage capacity.

The new production facility was designed in accordance with the current ISO and food safety standards such as ISO 22000 and the FSSC system. The 4500 square meters for storage, production and application-related research went into operation at the beginning of 2020. The new building was officially inaugurated in December 2019.

WeissBioTech will retain its head office and administrative headquarters in Ascheberg near Münster, but has given up its Chanteloup-en-Brie site near Paris.

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“The new building constitutes our basis for further growth. It allows us to guarantee a more efficient execution of our logistics processes since we now have our own warehouse space. The local proximity to BRAIN AG will make our cooperation even more efficacious.”

Matthias Enste, Managing Director at WeissBioTech
WeissBioTech Plant
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Delivery of so-called ISO tanks to WBT in Büttelborn: In future, the company will store raw materials for further processing in the stainless steel tanks. Five such tanks, each of which is about six meters long, will find their place in the new production and storage facility. One tank holds around 25 cubic meters; the raw materials are delivered by tank trucks.

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