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2 August 2017, Zwingenberg

Successful conclusion of joint BRAIN AG and BASF SE research project

  • Objective of the research collaboration was the identification and development of new active ingredients for cosmetics
  • BRAIN contributed its competence in identifying natural active molecules using specific receptor technologies
  • BASF provided comprehensive expertise in product development, production processes, and marketing strategy
  • First product launched in the market

Following several years of exclusive cooperation between BRAIN AG and BASF SE on the basis of a joint research project, BRAIN today announced the successful conclusion of the project. The objective of the two companies’ collaborative research efforts was the identification and development of sensorically active substances for end consumers.

To this end, BRAIN contributed its specific competencies in the field of identifying natural active substances from its proprietary BioArchive and additionally provided its unique expertise in the receptor technologies sector. Receptor technologies developed by BRAIN serve at laboratory level to predict substance effects on human sense organs. Such a laboratory procedure was successfully established during the research partnership with BASF.

BASF transferred the jointly generated research results to the development and marketing of innovative product candidates. These development efforts have since led to one product’s being successfully launched in the market.

Dr Michael Krohn, member of BRAIN’s Board of Management and Head of the BioActives & Performance Biologicals Unit states: “We are delighted about the successful conclusion of the research partnership with BASF – particularly about the fact that a first product based on our receptor technologies was already launched in the market. At BRAIN, we use these technologies not only for sustainable cosmetics applications, but also for healthier food developments. For instance, this segment focuses on natural sugar substitutes, sweetness enhancers or taste modulators. Our high-tech portfolio permits us to deliver reliable results in any joint R&D endeavour, and we have more than 100 successfully concluded cooperation projects under our belt.”

Sales-wise, BRAIN’s research cooperation activities are reflected in its BioScience segment, which focuses on exclusive R&D collaborative partnerships with industrial companies. The cooperation partners have agreed to keep contract details about the successfully concluded research cooperation project confidential.

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