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21 June 2017, Zwingenberg

BRAIN AG and Roquette successfully complete research collaboration

  • BRAIN provided solutions for sustainable food ingredient production process
  • BRAIN and Roquette also partner in DOLCE program for next generation natural sweetening solutions for food

Bioeconomy pioneer BRAIN AG and Roquette, leader in specialty food ingredients and pharmaceutical excipients, have completed a strategic research collaboration which started in 2014. The overall goal was to improve efficiency and sustainability of food ingredient production processes by saving energy, resources and production times.

Within this collaboration BRAIN has identified, developed and optimized biological resources for such sustainable production processes. The R&D work was partly based on BRAIN’s huge BioArchive containing more than 53,000 comprehensively characterized, cultivable microorganisms as well as a variety of new enzymes and metabolic pathways.

Dr Guido Meurer, Executive Vice President Producer Strain Development at BRAIN AG, said: “The collaboration with Roquette is a success story, we are very proud of. We are looking forward to a successful expansion of further joined strategic programs.

For BRAIN AG the now completed research collaboration for sustainable food ingredient production processes is business relevant for the segment BioScience, which mainly comprises exclusive R&D-collaborations with industry partners. Both parties have agreed to not disclose any more details.

In recent months, the two companies have initiated new collaboration projects. In August 2016, BRAIN AG, Roquette and AnalytiCon Discovery GmbH started the DOLCE program for the development of next generation natural sweetening solutions. In November 2016 two major food categories joined the DOLCE program.

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