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18 June 2012, Zwingenberg

BRAIN to lead the NatLifE 2020 Industrial Innovation Alliance

The biotechnology company BRAIN AG has announced that the Natural Life Excellence Network 2020 (NatLifE 2020) innovation alliance will be funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) under the “Industrial Biotechnology Innovation Initiative” scheme.

The NatLifE 2020 innovation alliance was established in early 2011 and officially applied for public funding by submitting a declaration of interest in May 2011. NatLifE 2020 was one of a total of 15 alliances which were short-listed to submit an outline describing their plans. The project outline was then submitted on 15 December 2011. Subsequently, the project out-line was reviewed and finally recommended for funding by independent experts chosen by the BMBF. The alliance’s 22 partners, namely technology engineering companies, small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) and industrial corporations, join their forces in the NatLifE 2020 innovation alliance to drive forward the research, development and production of natural specialities for a healthier life. Innovation in the realm of “healthier living and ageing” is playing a central role in politics, economy and society in general.

Consumer trends in the “fast and convenience food” markets lead to an increase in lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and obesity. According to a Eurostat study conducted in November 2011, up to two out of every three people in the western hemisphere are overweight. In the U.S. alone, metabolic disease treatment costs amount to some US$ 150bn (or 75 per cent of the U.S. health budget) per year according to Lustig et al., an American team of researchers whose results were pub-lished in “Nature” magazine in February 2012. And roughly US$ 65bn have to be added to this sum in the U.S. alone for a loss in productivity due to illness.

These facts paved the way for the NatLifE 2020 innovation alliance’s joint approach. Based on a thorough understanding of biological systems and relying on biotechnological solutions, the alliance’s partners aim at devel-oping and launching a new and competitive generation of natural, biologically active valueable components as specialities for the food and cosmetics industries. These will have a noticeable impact on the improvement of the nutrition, health and well-being of everybody.

In this process, fundamental scientific and technical challenges have to be overcome. Individual companies, research institutes or smaller networks would not be able to do so on their own in an adequate period of time. The complexity of the challenges the economy and research organisations are confronted with require all players to work hand-in-glove to close technology gaps for their mutual benefit.

“Being the alliance’s coordinator, we synchronise the efforts of the indus-trial consortium on the one hand, while on the other hand our own innova-tive technology portfolio, which will be jointly used by all partners as a foundation for their research and development initiatives, forms the core of NatLifE 2020,” explains Dr. Martin Langer, NatLifE 2020 coordinator and head of BRAIN AG’s Corporate Development department, after having heard the good news from the Ministry. “From our point of view, the distinctive hallmark of this innovation alliance and the approach we have chosen is that the 22 partner companies within NatLifE 2020 innovation alliance closely co-operate as true partners along the entire value chain - driven by their own entrepreneurial interests, but pursuing a joint objective.”

“All NatLifE 2020 partner companies share one common goal – harness-ing disruptive technologies in a synergistic way to drive forward the devel-opment of high-quality, healthy specialities and final products for the food and cosmetics markets,” adds Dr. Holger Zinke, CEO of BRAIN AG.

The NatLifE 2020 innovation alliance is set to receive funding for up to nine years (depending on two interim evaluations) and aims at delivering essential solutions for the sustainable biologisation of industrial processes.

Fermenter zur industriellen Skalierung von biotechnologischen Herstellprozessen von wertvollen Wirkstoffen und bioaktiven Spezialitäten.
© Kristian Barthen, Archiv BRAIN AG, Zwingenberg

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Industrielle Skalierung von biotechnologischen Herstellprozessen von wertvollen Wirkstoffen und bioaktiven Spezialitäten.
Arbeit am Screening Roboter
© Kristian Barthen, Archiv BRAIN AG, Zwingenberg

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Automatisiertes Screening nach wertvollen Wirkstof-fen aus natürlichen Quellen. In der Innovationsallianz NatLifE 2020 wollen die 22 Partner solche Kandida-ten gemeinsam als Spezialitäten für neue Märkte entwickeln.

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