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7 May 2013, Zwingenberg

BRAIN congratulates cosmetics partner Monteil on Innovation Award for PERLANCE BLANC PUR series

The biotechnology company BRAIN AG congratulates their partner company MONTEIL Cosmetics International GmbH on receiving the “Prix H. Pierantoni de I’ Innovation 2013” award.

The Biotech-Series combines two systems - “Even Out” and “Brighten Up” - in a modern face care series, which specifically counteracts hyperpigmentation using molecular mechanisms of action to provide a harmonious and smooth skin texture.

The care series especially convinced the jury with two novel and creative care solutions – “Even Out” and “Brighten Up”. Thanks to the selected bioactive ingredients, both products explicitly counteract the many causes of hyperpigmentation.

“When we created MONTEIL’s PERLANCE BLANC PUR series, we set great store by developing a sophisticated active ingredient concept which counteracts the many causes of unwanted pigmentation,” says Dr Alice Kleber, Head of Cosmetics-Development at BRAIN, about the care series. “With a total of seven carefully matched anti-aging products providing intense care, the “Even Out” basic series creates a harmonious skin texture by alleviating age and pigmented spots, protecting against UV radiation and additionally infusing the skin with long-lasting moisture. Thanks to their highly concentrated active ingredients, both “Brighten Up” specialist products reduce the production of pigments and offer a high sun protection factor (SPF). This prize awarded by a jury of professionals acknowledges the series’ intelligent philosophy which at the same time stands for responsible skin care.”

“We are pleased to hear that our strategic partner, MONTEIL, has been awarded such a renowned prize by a jury made up of industry experts. We wish to congratulate the entire team. This joint commitment in the strategic High-Tech Cosmetics business unit grants BRAIN fast market access for the innovative solutions developed by BRAIN over the past few years,” says Dr Holger Zinke, Chief Executive Officer of BRAIN AG. “With our innovative solutions we seek to give fresh and decisive impetus to both the domestic and international cosmetics market in the future. MONTEIL’s brand core, steeped in more than 75 years of tradition, and the mission statement developed by entrepreneur Germaine Monteil reminded us about our own aspirations - skin care products should not only serve the outside beauty but should also stand for high-quality and solution-oriented thinking and products contributing to a person’s general well-being.”

The biotechnology company BRAIN AG and the cosmetics company Wilde Cosmetics GmbH announced a strategic partnership in February 2012 with regard to MONTEIL Cosmetics International GmbH. The strategic partnership between BRAIN AG and Wilde Cosmetics GmbH aims at efficiently developing and marketing innovative biotechnological solutions for demanding consumers. In doing so, the companies tap into synergies along the entire value chain - from identifying and accessing innovative and proprietary biotechnological active ingredients, to the formulation, production and joint marketing of high-end cosmetics products within the brand portfolio of MONTEIL Cosmetics. Following Synic, introduced in April 2012, the award-winning MONTEIL PERLANCE BLANC PUR series is already the second successfully launched care series for demanding customers.

Die MONTEIL PERLANCE BLANC PUR Kosmetik Pflegeserie wurde in Paris mit dem Innovationspreis „Prix H. Pierantoni de I’Innovation 2013“ ausgez
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Die MONTEIL PERLANCE BLANC PUR Kosmetik Pflegeserie wurde in Paris mit dem Innovationspreis „Prix H. Pierantoni de I’Innovation 2013“ ausgezeichnet.

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