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11 February 2013, Zwingenberg

BRAIN receives the 2013 iF communication design award

The biotechnology company BRAIN AG has announced that after only three issues BRAIN’s BLICKWINKEL business report has received the 2013 iF communication design award.

Coinciding with the beginning of BRAIN’s 2011-12 fiscal year, BRAIN published the first issue of its BLICKWINKEL periodical to inform shareholders, co-operation partners, the supervisory board, employees and friends on recent business activities, as well as on BRAIN-specific and industry-wide developments regarding the biologisation of key industries. The articles, all written by BRAIN employees and guest writers from network partners, are brought to life with extraordinary pictures while accompanying illustrations help make their content also accessible to readers without scientific background.

The concept, which is quite unusual for a technology company, was created by BRAIN’s art director Bettina Schreiner. The publication already has many friends and admirers, including entrepreneurs, creative minds and professors, who were recently joined by the 13-strong international iF communication design award jury.

“Sophisticated communication is an intrinsic part of BRAIN’s corporate strategy, even though these activities do not directly form part of our core business - technology development, production and science,” underscores Dr. Holger Zinke, CEO of BRAIN AG.

“It is of utmost importance to us to apply the very same quality, creativity and diligence standards to internal and external interaction and communication campaigns that also govern our research and development co-operation projects,” adds Dr. Martin Langer, Head of Corporate Development and Member of the Board at BRAIN.

BRAIN already received several awards for their extraordinary activities in the realm of arts and culture. In 1998, the company was awarded the Josef Maria Olbrich Medal by the Association of German Architects (BDA) for the revitalisation of the listed Bauhaus building which acts as company headquarters; in 1999 the Hessian finance minister honoured the company with the “Exemplary Buildings in the Federal State of Hesse” award. In March 2011, BRAIN was named “Company of the Month” by the Hessian State Chancellery for acting with “commendable corporate responsibility”. At the end of 2012, BRAIN received the Bronze DDC Award for excellence in corporate communication.

Cover Übersicht der Blickwinkel Ausgaben Diversität, Kooperation, Technologie, Netzwerke
© Bettina-Anne-Lena Schreiner, Archiv BRAIN AG - Abdruck freigegeben mit Quellenangabe

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BRAIN AG: Die Quartalsberichte BLICKWINKEL wurden 2013 mit dem renommierten iF communication design award 2013 ausgezeichnet.

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