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12 May 2017, Zwingenberg

BRAIN nominated for Gold Award in Europe’s biggest competition for content-driven communication

  • BRAIN AG has been nominated with its Annual Report for the Gold Award in the Best of Content Marketing Competition in the “Reporting” (Annual Report Print Industry) category.
  • Nomination for content as well as conceptual and graphical design of the Annual Report 2015/2016, which is the first annual report after the 2016 IPO.
  • The award ceremony and the announcement of the winners will take place at the BCM Congress held in Berlin on 29 June.

After BRAIN AG’s successful IPO in February 2016, its very first annual report has been honoured with a nomination for the “BCM Best of Content Marketing Award“, together with six annual reports by other companies, in the “Reporting” (Annual Report, Print, Industry) category. All BCM nominees are already guaranteed to receive a silver certificate.

Besides BRAIN AG, the other competitors for the Gold Award in the aforementioned category are Bühler Group, Hilti AG, Merck KgaA, Porsche AG, Städtische Werke Magdeburg GmbH & Co. KG, and Trumpf GmbH & Co. KG. Not only is BRAIN the publisher of its annual report, it also is responsible for its conceptual idea and graphic design. The awards will be presented by the publicist, Dr Hajo Schumacher, on the occasion of the BCM Congress held in Berlin on 29 June 2017.

Dr Jürgen Eck, CEO of BRAIN AG, considers the nomination to be an expression of BRAIN’s unique corporate culture: “Our staff members act as an interdisciplinary creative think tank made up of highly qualified scientists, engineers, technicians and managers from all participating departments such as Marketing, Finance, Design, or Communications. I would like to congratulate the entire transdisciplinary team, for whom the BCM nomination is a prestigious distinction.“

Together with a small team of colleagues, Dipl.-Des. Bettina Schreiner, Art Director at BRAIN, was involved in content structuring and conceptualizing of the report and also had overall responsibility for the report’s graphic design. Says Schreiner: “BRAIN’s first annual report underscores the company’s strategic focus on becoming a fully integrated bioeconomy company. We demonstrate the network-like synthesis of biology and technology in an industrial environment. The objective of the report was to convey a comprehensive and authentic picture of BRAIN with a focus on our core competency, ‘Engineering Biology’.“

In its role as the largest trade association in Europe, the “CMF Content Marketing Forum” organizes the BCM award. In cooperation with acquisa, Horizont, werbewoche, persönlich, CP Wissen, and CP Monitor trade magazines the award recognizes corporate media from German-speaking countries. For the 2017 competition, there were 736 submissions in different communication categories. These submissions will serve as the pool from which the BCM Gold Awards will be presented in Berlin on 29 June in seven categories during a gala ceremony.

In BRAIN AG’s conception of itself, communication and information are core fields of activity which are managed with the same standards of quality and creativity as research and development. In the past, BRAIN has been honoured quite a number of times for extraordinary activities in the areas of art, culture, and communication. The last such occasion came about in 2016, when the company was presented with the prestigious WERKBUND Label, which is awarded for prototypical, innovative and important activities and good design. Also, the company received the honour of a “Special Mention” on the occasion of the 2014 German Design Award by the German Design Council for the exceptional quality of design found in the corporate BLICKWINKEL magazine. As early as 2013, the same magazine had been presented with that year’s iF communication design award by iF Industrie Forum Design e.V.

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