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20 May 2007, Zwingenberg

BRAIN presents climate protection project during G8 Summit to the international press

A great honour for the project team: the long lasting co-operation between BRAIN AG and Henkel KGaA was selected by the association “Germany - Land of Ideas” to present their achievements to the international press during the supporting climate protection program of the G8 summit taking place in Germany in June 06 and 07.

Within this awarded collaboration the gentled team worked on the improvement of detergent enzymes. Since 1999 BRAIN gave its partner Henkel access to new and novel Enzymes from yet uncultivated microorganisms, through using its Metagenome® technology.

The latest project within this long lasting cooperation dealt with cold active egg white degrading detergent enzymes. The project was supported by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) within its program “Sustainable Bioproduction” in favour of Henkel KGaA. Early this year the project was successfully completed.

During the last years the performance of detergents continuously was improved leading to an enormous reduction of resource wastage. A reduction of the average washing temperature from 60 °C down to 40 °C leads to energy savings of some 50%. Reflecting Germany alone, these energy savings correlate to C02 savings of more than 1 million tons of the greenhouse gas per year.

Looking at that cooperation it is impressively documented that through the application of high-tech methods biotech-companies in partnership with industry through in the first view unspectacular improvements of small parts enormous resource savings can be achieved. With this “white bio-technology”, the „application of nature`s toolset for industrial products and processes“, turns out to be the key to a cleaner and environmentally sound future.

Representing the whole project team, Dr. Holger Zinke, CEO of BRAIN AG, on the occasion of the G8 summit in Germany will present the project to the international press. The occasion takes place in the tent of the “Bundespresseamt” located in Bad Kühlungsborn, on June 06, at 4.30 pm.


BRAIN - Biotechnology Research And Information Network AG is a research and development company focusing on enzymes, bioactive natural compounds, and technical proteins. The innovative EvoSolution® technology platform brings together the biochemical and biocatalytic potential of microbial and plant biodiversity with modern microbiology methods. BRAIN’s head office located in Zwingenberg in the Rhine-Main-Neckar region, one of Germany’s most important research and industrial areas, is home to a comprehensive unique BioArchive of natural biodiversity, containing microorganisms and algae plus the vast corresponding genetic resources including that of hitherto uncultivated species. Within these resources, BRAIN identifies and develops new enzymes and production organisms for industrial use in the chemical and life sciences sectors. Furthermore, linking chemical structure to biological function, using BRAIN`s proprietary cellular based assay tool box new bioactive natural compounds for the food and cosmetic markets are identified and accompanied to an industrial application. BRAIN was founded in 1993 and currently employs a staff of 55 people.


Dr. Holger Zinke
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Der Vorstandsvorsitzende der BRAIN AG Dr. Holger Zinke bei einer Podiumsdiskussion zur Weißen Biotechnologie.
Positive Kandidaten fallen durch eine Klärung des in das Nährmedium eingebrachten Substrates (Milchpulver) auf
© BRAIN AG, Zwingenberg -

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Die Suche nach interessanten mikrobiellen Waschmittel-Enzymen aus dem Lebensraum Erde. Mehr als 250.000 sogenannte Metage-nom®-Klone werden pro Experiment auf Aktivität geprüft. Positive Kandidaten fallen durch eine Klärung des in das Nährmedium eingebrachten Substrates (Milchpulver) auf.

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