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7 August 2012, Zwingenberg

Evonik Industries and BRAIN co-operate

Evonik Industries AG, the speciality chemicals company, and BRAIN AG, the white biotechnology company, co-operate in the field of the development of novel microorganisms with unique, selective binding- and adsorption characteristics on selected surfaces.

It is the goal of the partners to integrate the selected microorganisms into an industrial-scale. BRAIN will contribute its expertise in biotechnology, microbiology and the development of pilot processes, while Evonik shall be responsible for the technical implementation and marketing of the products. Financial terms of the collaboration or more detailed technical information are not disclosed.

“For BRAIN, the collaboration announced today is another proof of the versality and creativity of biology and especially of the microorganisms. We are glad, that leading chemical corporations use our “toolbox of na-ture” with the goal to increase the value of the corporation”, says Dr. Hol-ger Zinke, Chief Executive Officer of BRAIN. ”We see an enormous poten-tial for synergies in the co-operation, allowing us to combine the technolo-gies of BRAIN with Evonik Industries’ development and marketing exper-tise to excellent effect.”

BRAIN Fermentationseinheit
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BRAIN Fermentationseinheit: Screening und Produktion von innovativen Mikroorganismen und Biomasse, welche in Zukunft die physikalischen Eigenschaften von Oberflächen spezifisch verändern helfen.

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