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12 July 2017, Zwingenberg, Potsdam (Germany) and Lestrem (France)

Global beverage company has joined DOLCE

The bioeconomy company BRAIN AG (ISIN DE0005203947 / WKN 520394), the natural product specialist AnalytiCon Discovery GmbH and Roquette, a global leader in specialty food ingredients from plant-based raw materials, announced today that a globally operating US-based beverage company entered the strategic DOLCE program as a new member. The DOLCE program was started in August 2016 and offers consumer product goods companies (“CPGCs”) a platform providing expert know-how to develop and produce natural sweetening solutions in order to achieve sugar- and calorie reduction in diverse food and beverage categories.

Such CPGCs have the opportunity to become DOLCE members in defined food and beverage fields. The advantage for those members is that they will be informed about developments at an early stage, are allowed to work pre-approval with the development candidates and can acquire licenses for selected natural sweet solutions. In return, the CPGCs provide several payment streams such as upfront, milestone, success and licence payments.

The three DOLCE research partners together have been in discussions with many of the global Fortune 500 CPGCs representing the largest food and beverage brands. Already in November 2016, two food categories “morning foods” and “snacks” have joined the strategic DOLCE program.

The globally operating US-based beverage company, as a new member, will have an exclusive access in the field “non-alcoholic beverages” as well as a non-exclusive access in the fields “dairy drinks” and “ginger ales and tonics”. The interest of this new CPGC member is to integrate innovative and all natural DOLCE sweet solutions into their end products to address the need for sugar reduction in the global beverage market. Further details of the partnership are not disclosed.

Since the start of the DOLCE program, the consortium partners have received great interest from many globally operating CPGCs. The categories that have already joined the DOLCE program are proof of the strong potential of this co-operation which, of course, remains open for further participants.

According to Transparency Market Research, the global non-alcoholic beverages market was estimated at a total of USD 1.4 trillion in 2013. The global carbonated beverages market, as one part of this, was estimated over USD 340 billion in 2014 (source: Grand View Research Inc.). Along with trends towards natural and healthy ingredients, high caloric sugar and chemical sugar substitutes have the potential to be more and more replaced by natural high intensity sweeteners or sweet taste enhancers across product categories like bakery and cereal, beverage, and confection.

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