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29 February 2012, Zwingenberg

Strategic Partnership between BRAIN AG and Wilde Cosmetics GmbH

The biotechnology company BRAIN AG and the cosmetics company Wilde Cosmetics GmbH have announced a strategic partnership with regard to MONTEIL Cosmetics International GmbH.

The strategic partnership between BRAIN AG and Wilde Cosmetics GmbH is aimed at the efficient development and marketing of innovative biotechnological solutions for demanding consumers. The strategic partnership taps into synergies along the entire value chain – from identifying and accessing innovative and pro-prietary active biotech ingredients, all the way to the formulation and production as well as joint marketing of high-end cosmetics within the brand portfolio of MONTEIL Cosmetics.

BRAIN is a leading white biotechnology company and creative research company with an in-depth understanding of the biological processes that occur in the skin, the interaction between ingredients and cells and the translation of this knowledge into state-of-the-art cosmetics formulations.

This infinite wealth of research and development expertise is brought together with more than three decades of marketing and international sales experience gathered by Wilde Cosmetics to form the basis of a partnership between two pioneering, medium-sized and innovation-oriented companies which will lead to a new generation of intelligent prestige segment cosmetics known for meeting high demands in terms of efficacy and product quality, innovation, naturalness and tolerability. By uniting their forces, the partners seek to advance, strengthen and, in the course of the strategic partnership, thoroughly grow a brand which is already well established in the market. They also plan to expand the brand portfolio through the acquisition of additional brands.

The fact that both partners share a joint set of ethical values and standards of business conduct characteristic of medium-sized companies quickly helped pave the way for a strategic co-operation in which all entrepreneurial actions are gov-erned by the principles of sustainability. These ethical rules are part and parcel of good corporate governance and apply to employees, clients and suppliers alike. They are also reflected in the corporate social responsibility a company bears in the region where it operates. Beyond that these rules are also expressed in the quality, the holistic mode of action, the amount of innovation and the value-for-money offered by its products. Both partners have been guided by these principles since the foundation of their companies.

“Thanks to our common activities in the strategic high-tech cosmetics business segment, the innovative solutions BRAIN has identified over the past few years have every chance of quickly gaining access to the market. We are pleased to have found a strategic partner in Wilde Cosmetics who, exactly as does BRAIN, seeks to capitalise on the synergies resulting from the complementary backgrounds of the two companies and who, together with BRAIN, will invest in the joint expansion and further development of the brand and the products,” says Dr. Holger Zinke, CEO of BRAIN AG. “Our joint innovative solutions will help provide fresh and decisive impetus to both the domestic and international cosmetics market in the future. MONTEIL’s brand core, looking back on more than 75 years of tradition, and the company’s mission statements which are still clearly influenced by the young entrepreneur Germaine Monteil reminded us of our own aspirations – that skin care products should not only serve the outside beauty but should also stand for high-quality and solution-oriented thinking and products contributing to a person’s gen-eral well-being.

“The strategic partnership between BRAIN and Wilde Cosmetics creates a full value chain marked by fast-track processes: high-tech research, development, production and marketing of innovative solutions at record speed from the initial idea to market maturity. To the benefit and liking of our customers,” says Michael Kalow, Managing Director of Wilde Cosmetics GmbH. “As regards research and development this means that all MONTEIL products must convince our customers with visible and perceptible effects. In the future, we will be able to perform even better in this regard thanks to the comprehensive access to the innovative solutions developed by our strategic partner and the expertise of BRAIN’s research biologists.”

The partners agreed on not disclosing any financial details of the transaction, which also establishes corporate affiliations. The partners worked together in a spirit of trust and co-operation before this agreement. The co-operation will now be extended to cover the entire product range. On the occasion of the “Beauty International” trade fair which will take place in Düsseldorf, Germany, from March 9 to 13, 2012, Michael Kalow, Managing Director of Wilde Cosmetics GmbH, and Dr Holger Zinke, CEO of BRAIN AG, will provide more details on the status and plans of this novel corporate alliance. They will also present some first developments resulting from the strategic partnership. The press conference will be held on March 9, 2012 from 2 – 3 p.m.

Germaine Monteil, Unternehmerin
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Germaine Monteil: Unternehmerin, Modeschöpferin und Innovatorin auch auf dem Gebiet der modernen Kosme-tik. Ihr Vermächtnis lebt bis heute in der Marke MONTEIL weiter.
Technologiecampus der BRAIN AG in Zwingenberg
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TechnologieCampus der BRAIN: Auf insgesamt mehr als 3000 m² werden innovative Kosmetik-Produkte beforscht, entwickelt und biotechnologisch produziert. Weiterhin betreibt BRAIN ein umfangreiches Industrie-Kooperationsgeschäft mit Chemie-, Konsumgüter-, Kosmetik- und Nahrungsmittelunternehmen.
Handschlag zwischen Michael Kalow und Holger Zinke
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Handschlag zwischen dem Geschäftsführer der Wilde Cosmetics GmbH, Michael Kalow (links) und dem Vor-sitzenden des Vorstandes der BRAIN AG, Dr. Holger Zinke (rechts) zum Abschluss der erfolgreichen Ver-handlungen.

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