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Pioneering Bioproducts

BRAIN is a pioneer of industrial biotechnology. We create innovative solutions applying a world class biotechnology portfolio to our BioArchive. We deliver value from concept to commercialization and beyond.

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Advanced bioproducts

Buy our off-the-shelf products or team up with us for the joint development of new and customized products that will differentiate your business.

Our products and markets

Pioneering bioscience

BRAIN applies a world class biotechnology portfolio to a unique proprietary BioArchive. We offer research & development partnerships and extract customer value, overcoming single technology limitations.

Our tailor-made solutions

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BRAIN innovations

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Healthy food without an off-taste

Based on unique cell-based assay systems, within its SALT-E program BRAIN focusses on the reduction of salt in foods.


Bio-based freshness and product stability

Edible plants provide bioactive compounds that combat harmful organisms. BRAIN’s FRESCO program identifies the best anti-microbial candidates.

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Calorie-free natural-based sweeteners

The scope of the DOLCE program is to build a complete partnership for the discovery, development, and production of natural-based sweet solutions – new natural-based sweeteners and sweetness enhancers.


Biological wound management

Aurase® is an enzymatic active ingredient developed by BRAIN for the treatment of open wounds. The active mechanism was inspired by the common green bottle fly.


Sustainable metal extraction in the circular economy

Microorganisms from BRAIN’s BioArchive can extract precious metals from ores and waste streams with low environmental impact.


Natural compounds to trigger taste and skin sensations

In the TRiP2Application programs, BRAIN offers unique cell-based assay systems for the identification of novel ingredients for food & cosmetics. In addition, cell models developed by BRAIN enable the development of biological deodorants and aluminum-free antiperspirants.

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