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BRAIN Biotech is celebrating its 30th birthday this year.
30 selected aspects show a bio-based future as we envision it. Visit our special 30 years website.

The future is bio-based

Industrial biotechnology is our profession. Finding solutions for sustainable products and processes is our passion. Together with our customers, we are creating a #biobasedFuture.

A fermentation plant at Biocatalysts
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What we do

We enable industry partners to make products and processes more sustainable: with optimized enzymes, high-performance microorganisms and bioactive compounds.

Products and markets

How we do it

Our interdisciplinary, agile approach, scientific and application expertise, and a broad portfolio of biotech methods are key to our innovative solutions.


Why work with us?

As a solution provider for industry we bring customer projects to a fast and successful outcome.

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Genome editing tools to bring your projects to success rapidly and cost-efficiently

With our alternative genome editing tools, we bring your projects to success rapidly and cost-efficiently

We CRISPR for You

Customized Enzymes

We identify and develop optimized enzymes and biocatalysts that meet complex process and application requirements.


Bioprocess Development – Design For Manufacture

The Bioprocess Development technology unit develops, optimizes and scales up microbial production processes. To implement such processes successfully, our experts use the wide range of technical and support skills at their disposal.

Bioprocess Development

Microbial strain development

Based on our industry-leading collection of natural resources and data we identify, develop and optimize microbial production strains that meet our customers’ needs.

Microbial Strain Development

The BRAIN Group

The BRAIN Group provides first-class research and development work, specialized production expertise and access to attractive markets. All companies act as self-sufficient entities yet interconnect to synergize in R&D and production in the fields of biotechnology and natural product chemistry.

Biotech the future


BRAIN Biotech is celebrating its 30th birthday this year. We took this as an opportunity to look at a bio-based future as we envision it and selected 30 aspects of how biotechnology can create the future.

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BRAIN Biotech AG stays on solid growth path with H1 results and accelerates One-BioProducts strategy

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Press release, 24 May 2023

BRAIN Biotech AG gains full ownership of Biocatalysts Ltd and accelerates execution of its One-BioProducts Strategy

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Press release, 8 March 2023

Resolutions of the Annual General Meeting 2023 on the Financial Year 2021/2022 of BRAIN Biotech AG

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News & Views

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17 January 2023
BRAIN Management Board

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14 December 2022
BRAIN New Year

At the end of the year

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1 October 2022
Michel Schneiders is the new CFO at BRAIN Biotech

Michael Schneiders becomes new CFO

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Since 2021 we have been committed to the UN Global Compact corporate responsibility initiative and its principles in the areas of human rights, labour, the environment and anti-corruption

ESG and Sustainability Report

Selected topic:

A collection of icons reffering to alternative proteins

Enabling #futurefood with precision fermentation

Nutrition in industrialized countries will move away from meat and dairy consumption towards alternative sources of protein and foods. These will rely on plants, microorganisms and cell cultures. Biotechnology will be the key enabler. This is where we come in.

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