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Industry-leading Bioarchive

The BRAIN Biotech Group’s proprietary bioarchive offers access to an immense variety of new biological solutions for sustainable industrial processes and ingredients. The BRAIN BioArchive encompasses microorganisms, natural compounds, fractions obtained from edible plant material, metagenome and enzyme libraries, as well as complete metabolic paths including previously uncultivable organisms. The company is continuously expanding this unique, dynamic “nature´s toolbox”.



Bioactive compounds

Characterized enzymes from EC1-5
Characterized microorganisms
Natural and naturally inspired compounds
Giga-bp DNA
Strains in Green-Mining-Toolbox
Identified bioactive natural ingredients of plant origin
Metagenome libraries
Strains from China List
Plant fractions available for isolation campaigns
~60 m
Digitalized metagenomic open reading frames
Habitat collections and environmental samples
Fractions from edible source (China List)

The BRAIN Biotech bioarchive is an industry leading collection of natural resources and metagenome libraries.
Library examples:

  • MetXtraTM: unique in silico enzyme selection (Biocatalysts)
  • ABEL®: Activity-Based Expression Libraries (BRAIN Biotech AG)
  • LIL®: Large-Insert Libraries (BRAIN Biotech AG)
  • METAGENO: substantial metagenome libraries (BRAIN Biotech AG)
  • CompActives®: easily scalable compounds for bioactivity screenings (BRAIN Biotech AG)
  • MEGx: world’s most sustainable collection of purified natural products, isolated from plants (MEGxp) and microorganisms (MEGxm) (AnalytiCon Discovery)

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