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Exceptional corporate culture

In 1996, BRAIN purchased a technology campus for its head office consisting of laboratories, production and office facilities in Zwingenberg, Germany. The core of the 2,500 square meter campus is a Bauhaus building, classed as a historic monument. Until today, BRAIN takes guidance from some aspects of the Bauhaus philosophy.

Building of BRAIN AG in Zwingenberg

Guided by the bauhaus philosophy

The BRAIN Group head office is one of the few remaining examples of industrial Bauhaus architecture. BRAIN revitalised the building in meticulous detail, and in 1998 won the prestigious Josef Maria Olbrich prize awarded by the Association of German Architects (BDA). An aesthetic appearance, a high degree of functionality and innovative approaches were the hallmark of the Bauhaus era and constituted the basis for its success.

Until today, BRAIN takes guidance from some aspects of the Bauhaus philosophy. Interdisciplinary work within a team is marked by open discussions, mutual support and a joint approach to scientific and administrative work alike. BRAIN considers it important to initiate and support an eye for functional aesthetics in everyday work.

Bauhaus and the Bergstrasse

100 years of Bauhaus and the Bergstrasse

BRAIN is taking the opportunity of the 2019 Bauhaus anniversary to showcase its architectural heritage. In cooperation with the city of Zwingenberg and the Savings Bank Cultural Foundation of Hesse-Thuringia, the company will be the hub of numerous cultural events come autumn. These will be accompanied by a light projection on the building under the direction of lighting artist Helga Griffiths.

100 years of Bauhaus and the Bergstrasse

“Research at BRAIN is distinguished by interdisciplinary team work marked by mutual support and constructive dispute. We promote a highly innovative corporate culture that we practice in our everyday work.”

Dr.-Ing. Ute Dechert
Unit Head Organisation & Processes

Staff culture

BRAIN practices an exceptional culture of innovation in which highly qualified scientists, engineers, technicians and managers of supporting work areas collaborate on an interdisciplinary basis to develop new product ideas and market offers. Its scientific curiosity and entrepreneurial thinking stamp BRAIN as an interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral think tank.

Work within the organism that is BRAIN is characterized by a focus on dialogue and teamwork. Constructive discourse, and the heated debates that arise from it, support the rapid and reliable transfer of an idea through to scientific validation and on to marketing. This culture that everyone at BRAIN lives and breathes, and the diversity of the people, expertise and talents that exist within the company, combine to foster a wealth of ideas.

Curator Elena Reiner in conversation with photographer Malte Sänger during the Kunst Privat guided tour 2019

Cultural involvement as part of the company profile

BRAIN sees its activities as being part of creative societal processes. The company consciously links up with art and culture, not only to strengthen its own creative power but also to contribute its own aims and visions to public discourse. BRAIN’s cultural activities constitute a targeted form of involvement in a dialogue that broadens horizons.

Cultural Involvement

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