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Good environment for innvoation

BRAIN Biotech stands for technological competence, creativity and agility. We foster an exceptional culture of innovation in which highly qualified teams from science, engineering, technology and management work together across disciplines for new product ideas and market offerings.

It is not only at the technology campus in Zwingenberg that we welcome unconventional ideas from our employees and foster open communication and a positive approach to handling errors and mistakes – constructive discourse serves to rapidly and reliably transition a newly conceived idea through the scientific validation stage and on to marketing. Within the BRAIN Biotech Group, we exchange specialist knowledge and experience, we leverage synergies and we jointly drive forward projects for our customers.

Our core values

Creativity & innovation: Innovation is our passion. Accordingly, we leave plenty of latitude for creative thinking, and foster and promote our teams’ innovative capabilities through interdisciplinary communication between the project teams as well as dialog among the project groups themselves. Our development of talent takes employees’ individuality, potentials and passions into consideration.

Responsibility: In addition to being a reliable partner for our customers, reliability and personal responsibility also play a key role in our cross-company project teams. We ensure clear lines of responsibility and encourage a “can-do” mentality.

Collaboration: Teamwork and mutual support form the basis of our actions because we are aware that we achieve more in constructive cooperation than in isolated individual teams. We also maintain short communication channels and a collaborative way of working among the various BRAIN Biotech Group entities.

Sustainability: Sustainability is the guiding principle of our company and motivates our employees to achieve their best when it comes to meeting our customers’ requirements for more sustainable processes or products. The further promotion of the Group’s own operational sustainability is also an important issue for our workforce. In 2022, we published our first sustainability report, which includes an initial ESG report.

Safety: Employee safety enjoys top priority at BRAIN Biotech Group companies. In addition to the regular occupational health and safety training courses required by law, internal operating instructions help to monitor biological safety in our laboratories. Employees at our sites receive updates on related developments from our in-house occupational health and safety officers and IT security officers.

“Research at BRAIN Biotech is distinguished by interdisciplinary team work marked by mutual support and constructive dispute. We promote a highly innovative corporate culture that we practice in our everyday work.”

Dr.-Ing. Ute Dechert
Vice President, Human Resources & Processes

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