Bio-based freshness and product stability

Edible plants provide bioactive compounds that combat harmful organisms. BRAIN’s FRESCO program identifies the best candidates.

Foodstuffs are subject to stringent freshness and quality criteria. Other market segments are just as sensitive in terms of hygiene and cleanliness. Innumerable products have to be protected from infestation by bacteria, viruses or fungi. Consumers are increasingly expecting this to be achieved by means of natural and sustainably produced active ingredients.

BRAIN develops the corresponding bioactive substances that can also be used for medical products as well as for paints and preservatives, cleaning and other household products, apart from their uses in the food and feed industries.

Natural Protection of Food & Beverages

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  • is a BRAIN program designed to maintain natural freshness and product stability.
  • can satisfy the growing demand for natural and sustainably produced bioactives.
  • provides a sustainable contribution to the reduction of product losses.
  • solutions may be used in a whole range of market segments such as food and animal feed, medical products, paints and varnishes, freshness retainers, cleaning agents, toiletries and further household products.
  • offers several hundreds of candidates the advantageous effects of which have been pre-characterized for diverse industry applications.

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