Bio-based skin care and wound management

BRAIN Biotech’s health and natural chemistry experts discover, develop and produce sustainable ingredients for cosmetics as well as skin and wound care products. We help customers to:

  • identify novel product ingredients by applying our technologies to our extraordinary collection of biological resources derived from nature’s biodiversity;
  • deliver solutions in line with their specific needs and product portfolios by adapting our outstanding cell-based assays to special requirements.

The BRAIN Biotech Group companies are fully integrated in the skin care and cosmetics value chain and ideally suited to become a flexible and dynamic toll manufacturer for our clients and their respective brands.

7 February 2022

Analyticon Discovery and Pharvaris extend their fruitful collaboration

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18 November 2020

Skin regeneration at the flick of a switch

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Selected innovations and services


Biological wound management

Aurase® is an enzymatic active ingredient developed by BRAIN Biotech for the treatment of open wounds. The active mechanism was inspired by the common green bottle fly.

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Probiotic strains

Probiotics – mighty little helpers at your service

Probiotics (Latin “for life”) are living microorganisms having a health-promoting effect on humans and animals. With our proprietary collection of probiotic strains and a broad portfolio of technologies, we can be your partner for evidence-based development of probiotic products for various applications and markets.

More about probiotics

Natural compounds to trigger taste and skin sensations

In the TRiP2Application programs, BRAIN Biotech offers unique cell-based assay systems for the identification of novel ingredients for food & cosmetics. In addition, cell models developed by BRAIN Biotech enable the development of biological deodorants and aluminum-free antiperspirants.

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Advance your business

You want to find the right bio-based product or solution for your special application? You want to learn more about our innovations or start an R&D partnership? Contact us today. We will find the right approach matching your need.

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