High-performance Microorganisms

We identify and develop high-performance microorganisms as functional biomass for optimized industrial production processes.

They serve as so-called biosubstitutes to establish bioprocesses in chemical processes or to produce bioactive natural compounds and enzymes for specialty markets. Application areas also include the recycling of the greenhouse gas CO2 as an industrial raw material, as well as urban and green mining for the extraction of precious and rare earth metals from waste streams and ores.

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Microbial strain development

Based on our industry-leading collection of natural resources and data we identify, develop and optimize microbial production strains that meet our customers’ needs.

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Selected application fields

Sustainable metal extraction in the circular economy

Microorganisms from the BRAIN bioarchive extract precious metals from e-waste, ashes, slags and other waste streams in an environmentally friendly way.


A scientist working on a bioprocess for battery recycling and a green battery

Creating #MicrobialBatteryRecycling

A truly green process for the recycling of lithium ion batteries – microbes can make lithium ion battery recycling more sustainable, more effective and even completely CO2-neutral.

Microbial Battery Recycling

Looking for a yeast for your fermentation?

Strengthen your business with our expertise in strain development

Are you looking for a high-performing microorganism to optimize your industrial production processes? Would you like to learn more about our strain development expertise or collaborate with us in an R&D partnership? Contact our expert Dr. Guido Meurer.

Protraitbild Dr. Guido Meurer, BRAIN Biotech AG

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