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10 October 2023

Akribion Genomics wins first prize in life science start-up competition

The Akribion Genomics team has won first prize in the life science start-up competition "BioRiver Boost! 2023." The jury recognized both the pitch presentation and the overall concept of the team, whose goal is to transform CRISPR-based cell killing tools into a new therapeutic approach for cancer treatment.

The final pitch round took place on September 22, 2023 in Monheim am Rhein, Germany, hosted by Bayer Crop Science at its LifeHub. In just under eight minutes, team member Dr. Oliver Grünvogel presented the basic principles and visionary concept of the novel genome editing technology to the distinguished panel of judges (see link to video below).

The technology involves cytotoxic nucleases, which the scientists hope to develop into a new class of precision cancer therapies and advanced genome editing tools. The unique feature of the proprietary nuclease G-dase E® (formerly known as "BEC") is its novel mode of action, which distinguishes it from the already known CRISPR nucleases.

Currently, the team of approximately 20 people is supported in its development activities by the BioIncubator of BRAIN Biotech AG. In parallel, discussions are ongoing with potential financial and strategic partners, with whose support a separate legal entity will be established to advance the therapeutic applications within Akribion Genomics.

Link to the presentation video "BioRiver Boost! 2023 1st place Akribion Genomics" (Youtube)

“Winning the first prize in this competition has been a great success for all of us. The confirmation from the experienced jury that our project has a high probability of success and great potential for development into a marketable technology was a major factor in this. ”

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