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20 July 2020

Protein engineering with reduced risk

Using the REDUCE method, the “protein engineers" at BRAIN AG can optimize a protein in a targeted manner while it is already located in the production host. Enzyme developers can use the method to avoid undesirable developments and save time.

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25 June 2020

Defying the virus − aptitude test based on a new concept

The aptitude test for young trainees at BRAIN has now been held later than planned, despite COVID-19 and under changed conditions.

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Production hall L.A. Schmitt
6 May 2020

Staff reshuffle in response to pandemic

How L.A. Schmitt, a member of the BRAIN Group, is contributing to the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic

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Biocatalyst Ltd.,Feed Tanks
24 April 2020

Lean manufacturing: Increased flexibility in enzyme production

Biocatalysts, a company of the BRAIN Group, has expanded its production facilities. The plant´s centerpiece is the 10,000-litre fermenter in which enzymes are produced.

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Nachhaltigkeit Baum
27 March 2020

The world on the way to more sustainability

Transforming the World – The Sustainable Development Goals, or the “2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development", is a United Nations action plan designed to benefit people and the planet. What role do companies and politicians play in its implementation?

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BRAIN Change of Management Board
3 March 2020

End of an Era: Changeover at BRAIN AG

Adriaan Moelker takes over Chairmanship of the Board from Jürgen Eck

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