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BRAIN fermentation
21 January 2021

Two steps forward, one step back – the path to perfect fermentation

Fermentation is part of the basic process of biotechnological production. If fermentation approaches are to be scaled up from laboratory to production scale, some approaches go from the already larger format back to the small laboratory format until the large-scale fermentation approach is ready. We asked two experts from BRAIN about fermentation, planning; the technical challenges and trends.

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20 January 2021

Biosun Biochemicals: Much more to offer than a traditional distributor

Biosun Biochemicals Inc.(U.S.) d/b/a BIOSUN FLAVORS & FOOD INGREDIENTS (BIOSUN FFI) has been part of the BRAIN Group since January 1, 2021. Among other things, it will help to expand the Group´s sales and manufacturing capacities in North America.

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BRAIN's bioarchive
14 December 2020

Ten years of Nagoya Protocol

The Nagoya Protocol on Access to Genetic Resources and the Fair and Equitable Sharing of Benefits Arising from their Utilization to the Convention on Biological Diversity has been in force for ten years. Here is an overview of the history of the agreement and an interview with BRAIN employee Dr. Dirk Sombroek on the significance of the agreement for biotechnology companies like BRAIN.

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Society and sustainability
14 December 2020

Bioeconomy: Involving society

With the aim of promoting sustainable business practices, Germany has set out on the path to a bio-based economy. It is important to involve society in this transformation in order to shape this change towards more sustainability in a sustainable manner.

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Transferring Knowledge
11 November 2020

Award for efficient knowledge transfer

Enzyme expert Biocatalysts wins the IChemE Global Food & Drink Award for an ultra-scale-down process for accelerated enzyme production on an industrial scale

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Proteocut Illu
26 October 2020

Enzyme development as team work

BRAIN and Biocatalysts have jointly developed their first enzyme. Biocatalysts is now bringing the hydrolase Proteocut K to the life sciences market as a more powerful alternative to Proteinase K.

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