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11 August 2020

Recovering platinum group metals environment-friendly

With a biotechnological method, platinum group metals may be recovered from industrial process streams in an environment-friendly manner. BRAIN AG and Heraeus have proven this in a successful collaboration.

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sewage treatment plant
26 June 2020

Biosorption for heavy metal removal from sewage sludge

Sewage plant operators and water treatment companies in Germany are under pressure: by 2023 they have to present concepts for phosphorus recovery. One hurdle for the currently tested recycling processes are the remaining heavy metals. Microorganisms can be used here to separate these metals in an environment-friendly way.

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interview with Dr Martin Langer (BRAIN AG)
16 June 2020

CO₂ bioconversion – from greenhouse gas to valuable material

Dr. Martin Langer from BRAIN AG contributed an article to the BMBF initiative "Science Year 2020 – Bioeconomy" in the "Heads of Change" section

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22 May 2020

International Day for Biological Diversity

22 May has been proclaimed the International Day for Biological Diversity. What is the origin of this commemoration day? And what does BRAIN have to do with the topic of biological diversity?

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Nachhaltigkeit Baum
27 March 2020

The world on the way to more sustainability

Transforming the World – The Sustainable Development Goals, or the “2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development", is a United Nations action plan designed to benefit people and the planet. What role do companies and politicians play in its implementation?

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20 March 2020

From veggie day to vegan lifestyle

There are numerous and varied reasons for maximising the share of plant based foods in a consumer’s diet. Ethics, religion, health, taste and trendiness are some of them. Worries of finite resources, a growing population and climate crisis are adding the call for sustainability to this list.

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