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15 March 2021

Microbial Phospholipase for Egg Processing

Enzyme specialist and BRAIN Group member Biocatalysts Ltd. has launched Lipomod™ 833L2, another microbial enzyme for the food industry. The company is thus once again responding to the growing demand for Kosher and Halal certified as well as vegetarian products.

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BRAIN and Roquette coop
21 January 2021

Sweetener for the future

BRAIN and Roquette have signed a contractual agreement for the approval and production of the sweet protein brazzein. The sweetener could be brought to market within the next three to four years.

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pet food
12 January 2021

Microbial Alternative to Pet Food Manufacturing

Which enzyme do you like to use? Of animal or microbial origin? Biocatalysts Ltd is dedicated to the development and production of a range of microbial alternative enzymes for the food and pet food industry and has recently launched a protease specifically for the pet food market.

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25 August 2020

Small protein with great potential

How does the substitution of a single amino acid affect the stability and sensory profile of the sweet-tasting protein brazzein? BRAIN is investigating this question in the "PepDancer" project – part of its research activities on sugar substitutes.

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sugar cubes
7 July 2020

Sweet, sweeter... Grab the Candybox with BRAIN

How industry partners can use BRAIN's HTC technology to discover natural sweeteners and sweetness enhancers

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Fermented food
1 July 2020

Domesticated microbes in use

The process of fermentation is gaining popularity not only in private households. The food industry has also recognized the trend towards fermented foods and is offering more and more varieties. What are the reasons? And what can the BRAIN Group contribute to this topic?

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