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25 August 2020

Small protein with great potential

How does the substitution of a single amino acid affect the stability and sensory profile of the sweet-tasting protein brazzein? BRAIN is investigating this question in the "PepDancer" project – part of its research activities on sugar substitutes.

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sugar cubes
7 July 2020

Sweet, sweeter... Grab the Candybox with BRAIN

How industry partners can use BRAIN's HTC technology to discover natural sweeteners and sweetness enhancers

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Fermented food
1 July 2020

Domesticated microbes in use

The process of fermentation is gaining popularity not only in private households. The food industry has also recognized the trend towards fermented foods and is offering more and more varieties. What are the reasons? And what can the BRAIN Group contribute to this topic?

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3 D cellmodell
2 April 2020

Optical biosensors: Completing the puzzle of taste research

Scientists from BRAIN AG and Mannheim University of Applied Sciences have written a comprehensive scientific review on current methods in taste research and the potential of optical biosensors

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20 March 2020

From veggie day to vegan lifestyle

There are numerous and varied reasons for maximising the share of plant based foods in a consumer’s diet. Ethics, religion, health, taste and trendiness are some of them. Worries of finite resources, a growing population and climate crisis are adding the call for sustainability to this list.

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