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17 June 2021

Cooperation in bioprocess development

BRAIN Biotech together with ImmunogenX optimizes a bioprocess for the production of a therapeutic protein

BRAIN Biotech AG and U.S. company ImmunogenX, Inc,, Newport Beach (USA), specializing in the therapy and diagnostic tools for celiac disease, have launched a collaboration. The objective is to optimize production of two recombinant therapeutic proteins developed by ImmunogenX.

Enzymes for gluten degradation

ImmunogenX is developing an oral enzyme therapy, latiglutenase (IMGX003), which degrades unintentionally ingested gluten in the body, and can be used as an adjunct non-dietary therapy supporting a gluten free diet. After oral ingestion, the mixture of two gluten-specific recombinant proteases cleaves plant gluten into small, physiologically irrelevant fragments. For the production of the recombinant enzymes BRAIN Biotech will contribute its expertise in bioprocess engineering to help ImmunogenX optimize the production processes of both proteases.

“We are confident that we will be able to support ImmunogenX to optimize the production of its active ingredients," says Dr. Patrick Lorenz, VP Strategic Initiatives Bioscience at BRAIN Biotech. Lorenz is confident: "Patients affected by this widespread autoimmune disease will soon be able to benefit from this promising therapy, which may be first to market to address this significant unmet need in the gastrointestinal space.”

Dr. Jennifer Sealey Voyksner is CSO at ImmunogenX. She states: “We are excited to be able to utilize the expertise of BRAIN Biotech to ensure we use the most advanced technology for our manufacturing processes for IMGX003”.

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