Healthier food and natural product preservation

BRAIN’s Nutrition unit allies natural resources with an ingenious portfolio and the determination to deliver value. We develop and offer enzymes, natural ingredients and high-performance microorganisms.

We help customers worldwide to...

  • make food healthier by reducing sugar or salt while retaining sweetness or savor;
  • make food tastier more efficiently by creating and enhancing natural flavors or masking off-tastes;
  • support gut health in humans and animals by providing functional probiotics;
  • reduce food waste and maintain freshness of foodstuffs thanks to the use of natural bioactive antimicrobials.

We provide cost-effective innovations – from hit identification to production, scale-up and supply.

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BRAIN innovations

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Calorie-free plant-based sweeteners

The scope of the DOLCE program is to build a partnership for the development, and production of plant-based sweet solutions – new plant-based sweeteners and sweetness enhancers.

More about DOLCE

Bio-based freshness and product stability

Edible plants provide bioactive compounds that combat harmful organisms. BRAIN’s FRESCO program identifies the best anti-microbial candidates.

More about FRESCO
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Healthy food without an off-taste

Based on unique cell-based assay systems, within its SALT-E program BRAIN focusses on the reduction of salt in foods.

More about SALT-E

Natural compounds to trigger taste and skin sensations

In the TRiP2Application programs, BRAIN offers unique cell-based assay systems for the identification of novel ingredients for food & cosmetics. In addition, cell models developed by BRAIN enable the development of biological deodorants and aluminum-free antiperspirants.

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