Healthier food and natural product preservation

We provide healthier food and natural product preservation for the food and beverage industry. For this purpose our food experts combine natural resources from the BRAIN Bioarchive with a sophisticated biotechnology portfolio – to identify and optimize enzymes, natural ingredients and high-performance microbial producer strains.

We help customers worldwide to...

  • make food healthier by reducing sugar or salt with natural taste enhancer while retaining sweetness or savour,
  • make plant protein products healthier by improving protein solubility and digestibility,
  • make food tastier by creating and enhancing natural flavours or masking off-tastes by bioactives or fermentation,
  • make plant protein products tastier by improved enzymatic hydrolysis,
  • improve plant based foods by enzymes: increase foam stability, prevent browning, lyse cell walls, efficient extraction, flavour release,
  • support gut health in humans and animals by providing functional probiotics,
  • reduce food waste and maintain freshness of foodstuffs thanks to the use of natural bioactive antimicrobials,
  • make food more sustainable by applying fermentation technologies and precision fermentation.

We provide cost-effective innovations from hit identification to production, scale-up and supply.

Our experts in the field of nutrition:

Dr. Patrick Lorenz

Strategic Initiatives

Dr. Katja Riedel

Technical Business Development

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Enabling #futurefood with precision fermentation

Nutrition in industrialized countries will move away from meat and dairy consumption towards alternative sources of protein and foods. These will rely on plants, microorganisms and cell cultures. Biotechnology will be the key enabler. This is where we come in.

Alternative Proteins

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animal-free milk product

Cooperation for the production of animal-free milk protein

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Small protein with great potential

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1 July 2020
Fermented food

Domesticated microbes in use

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Advance your business

You want to find the right bio-based product or solution for your special application? You want to learn more about our innovations or start an R&D partnership? Contact us today. We will find the right approach matching your need.

BRAIN services and innovations

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Calorie-free plant-based sweeteners

Our DOLCE R&D program was completed at the end of 2020, and gave rise to two approaches for BRAIN and the food industry.

More about our Sweet-Portfolio
Probiotic strains

Probiotics – mighty little helpers at your service

Probiotics (Latin “for life”) are living microorganisms having a health-promoting effect on humans and animals. With our proprietary collection of probiotic strains and a broad portfolio of technologies, we can be your partner for evidence-based development of probiotic products for various applications and markets.

More about probiotics

Bio-based freshness and product stability

Edible plants provide bioactive compounds that combat harmful organisms. BRAIN’s FRESCO program identifies the best anti-microbial candidates.

More about FRESCO
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Healthy food without an off-taste

Based on special cell-based test systems, we offer our scientific services for substance testing and salt sensing.

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