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8 December 2021, Zwingenberg, Germany

Additional Genome Editing Nuclease: BRAIN-Metagenome-Cas 01 (BMC01)

  • Successful extension of proprietary genome editing toolbox
  • BMC01 IP protection already filed
  • Differentiated mode of action to BEC

BRAIN Biotech AG has successfully extended its proprietary genome editing toolbox with the addition of BRAIN-Metagenome-Cas 01 (BMC01) nuclease. The company aims to develop a genome editing platform with significant economic and scientific potential. The BMC01 nuclease complements the BRAIN-Engineered Cas (BEC) which has been announced to the public in May, 2021.

BMC01 and BEC are different types of class 2 nucleases which differ in their general protein structure and their mode of action to target DNA. Hence, they can address different markets and applications more effectively.

BRAIN had announced in July 2021 the identification of around 2,000 so far untapped additional Class 2 CRISPR nucleases which have been identified in-silico and have the potential to be deployed for genome editing. With a focused investment approach the company had analyzed a limited number in detail and already filed a first IP protection for 15 nucleases. BMC01 is the first of these nucleases with proven functionality and demonstrated genome editing activities in microorganisms. Optimization and further development for additional application fields for BRAIN’s BEC/BMC nucleases such as mammalian cell lines are ongoing or have been initiated with high priority.

Dr. Paul Scholz, heading the Cas nuclease discovery program at BRAIN Biotech AG states: “We have always said that genome editing will benefit from a choice of adequate tools for different applications. BEC and BMC01 are two new genome editing nucleases with significantly different properties giving us the opportunity to choose between these nucleases based on their performance in different application areas. In addition, our scientific efforts to activate further nucleases from our library for genome editing are running.“

Lukas Linnig, CFO at BRAIN Biotech AG says: “We are quickly expanding our proprietary toolset and scientific footprint in genome editing. With the addition of the BMC nuclease we are now securing a broader IP position and an extended service offering for our clients. Already today we see strong customer interest for our “We CRISPR for you” services which extends beyond our original business plan. BRAIN is on its way to build a successful platform business in genome editing with significant economic potential.”


BRAIN Biotech AG (“BRAIN”) is a leading European industrial biotechnology specialist with a focus on nutrition, health and the environment. As a technology and solutions provider the company supports the biologization of industries with bio-based products and processes. From contract R&D with industrial partners to advancing own disruptive incubator projects and customized enzyme products – BRAIN’s broad cutting-edge biotech expertise and its agile teams are key to success.

BRAIN Biotech AG, Germany, is the parent company of the international BRAIN Group, distributing specialty B2B products like enzymes or bioactive natural products. The BRAIN Group has its own fermentation or production facilities in Continental Europe, UK and the US, which together with the associated biotechnological solution competency complete the value chain within the group.

As a Participant of the United Nations Global Compact, BRAIN Biotech AG is committed to aligning strategies and operations with universal principles on human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption and to actively advance common societal goals. Our products and services target at least five of the UN SDGs directly.

Since its IPO in 2016, BRAIN Biotech AG is listed in the Prime Standard of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (ISIN DE0005203947 / WKN 520394).


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