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Advanced bio-based products

Choose products from the BRAIN Biotech Group portfolio or work with us to develop new things together – for more sustainable industrial processes and products and for market differenciation.

Our products

Following nature’s example and based on our collections of materials and data, we focus on three product categories:

Customized Enzymes

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High-performance Microorganisms

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BRAIN product market focus


BRAIN Biotech offers bio-based products and services for the food and beverage industry

BRAIN Biotech combines natural resources with a sophisticated technology portfolio to discover, identify and optimize enzymes, natural ingredients and microbial producer strains.

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Bio-based skin care and wound management

BRAIN Biotech’s health and natural chemistry experts discover, develop and produce sustainable ingredients for cosmetics as well as skin and wound care products.

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Sustainable processes for a circular economy

BRAIN Biotech’s Environmental division develops new products and customized solutions making processes more sustainable and fit for a circular economy.

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Application fields

We focus on nutrition, health and applications that make products or processes more environmentally friendly.

Application fields

Innovation examples

We develop disruptive bio-based products and solutions for industry, with a focus on nutrition, health and the environment.

Innovation examples

Advance your business

You want to find the right bio-based product or solution for your special application? You want to learn more about our innovations or start an R&D partnership? Contact us today. We will find the right approach matching your need.

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