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Advanced bioproducts for market differentiation

Buy our off-the-shelf products or team up with us for the joint development of new and customized products that will differentiate your business.

Enzymes, Natural Compounds, Microorganisms

Tapping into natural biodiversity and our proprietary BioArchive, we focus on three product categories for highly differing applications – customized enzymes, bioactive natural compounds and high-performance microorganisms.

Our products

BRAIN product market focus


Healthier food and natural product preservation

BRAIN’s Nutrition & Health unit allies natural resources with an ingenious portfolio and the determination to deliver value. We develop and offer enzymes, natural ingredients and high-performance microorganisms.

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Bio-based skin and wound care

BRAIN’s Skin Care unit develops and produces sustainable cosmetics, skin and wound care products.

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Sustainable processes for a circular economy

BRAIN’s Industrial BioSolutions unit develops new products and customized solutions making processes more sustainable and fit for a circular economy.

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Team up with BRAIN to advance your products and processes.

Off-the-shelf products

We offer customized enzymes, bioactive natural compounds and high-performance microorganisms.

Our Products

Tailor-made solutions

We offer the joint development of customer-specific solutions and exclusive R&D partnerships.

R&D partnership and cooperation

Advance your business

You want to find the right product for your needs, learn more about our innovations or start an R&D partnership? Contact us today. We will find the right approach matching your need.

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