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Healthy food without an off-taste

Based on unique cell-based assay systems, within its SALT programs BRAIN focusses on the reduction of salt in foods.

The development of healthier food is a broad field of application. Using special cell-based assay systems, BRAIN scientists in the SALT programs focus on salt reduction and salty taste improvement.

The aim is to rule out any compromises with regard to people's taste habits, some of which have evolutionary reasons. A bitter taste is a key issue in this context, since it is often activated together with other taste receptors. Natural plant-based substances make it possible to develop alternative flavor carriers and mask bitter tastes.

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Humans have about 25 bitter taste receptors, a comparatively high number. However, we have only three receptors in all for sweet tastes and umami.


The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends a maximum daily salt intake of 5 grams for adults.


  • is a BRAIN development program for the salt reduction and the improvement of salty taste in foodstuffs.
  • includes the identification of natural products which mask bitter taste.

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