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Six reasons to invest

Reason No. 1: We address some of the big topics for a better, healthier and more sustainable life

Our own R&D and partnered research programs address some of the most prominent topics for a better, healthier and more sustainable life. Due to confidentially agreements, we cannot publicly disclose all of our R&D programs.

Please find below some highlights:

  • DOLCE: identifying and developing natural sweeteners (new natural-based sweeteners and sweetness enhancers) to reduce or replace sugar in food and beverages
  • Salt taste enhancer: finding novel salty flavor enhancers to significantly reduce sodium in processed foods
  • Green mining solutions to partially replace toxic cyanide during ore mining
  • Gold from waste streams: biological metal extraction from e-scrap, incinerator ashes and other mineralic resources
  • Aurase/ Solascure (spin-out in 2018): an enzymatic wound debridement for the treatment of chronical wounds
  • Natural based substances for better tasting, natural and healthy beverages
  • CO2 for value chemicals: transforming waste streams into unprecedented value chains
  • Perilic acid / FRESCO: identifying plant-based antimicrobial candidates for food preservation with the goal of reducing the perishability of food; can also be applied in the feed industry and industrial applications

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