Customized Enzymes

We identify and develop optimized enzymes and biocatalysts that meet complex process and application requirements. These include enzymes for the production of food and beverages, wound care preparations or lubricants as well as enzymes for the production of starch and bioethanol.

In the development of new enzymes, our focus is on specialty enzymes.

More about the targeted development of proteins and enzymes at BRAIN Biotech:

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Enzyme Technology

With our technology portfolio for the targeted development of proteins and enzymes for diverse industries. We offer our technology portfolio to collaboration partners from industry in a flexible, modular system.

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Looking for ready-to-use enzymes?

Biocatalysts (United Kingdom) offers enzymes for a wide variety of industries, including food, life science, pharmaceuticals, and fine chemicals

Visit Biocatalysts’ website

WeissBioTech (Germany) offers enzymes for the food and beverage industry

Visit WeissBioTech’s website

Breatec (Netherland) – specialized in enzymes for the cereal and baking industry

Visit Breatec’s website

Biosun Biochemicals (USA) – enzymes, flavors and colors

Visit BioSun’s website

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You want to find the right bio-based product or solution for your special application? You want to learn more about our innovations or start an R&D partnership? Contact us today. We will find the right approach matching your need.

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