BRAIN Biotech Group

The BRAIN Biotech Group provides first-class research and development work, specialized production expertise and access to attractive markets. All companies act as self-sufficient entities yet interconnect to synergize in R&D and production in the fields of biotechnology and natural product chemistry.

Spin-offs for specific products from advanced R&D programmes serve the purpose of marketing and commercialisation, involving external expertise and capital providers.

Building of BRAIN Biotech AG in Zwingenberg

BRAIN Biotech AG

Zwingenberg, Germany

BRAIN Biotech AG is the parent company of the BRAIN Group. The location in Zwingenberg, Germany, serves as the head office and as an innovation center for the BRAIN Group. Its focus lies on research and development in the field of bioactive natural products, customized enzymes and high-performance microorganisms for group companies and for partners and customers in industry alike. Established in 1993, the company was transformed into a stock corporation in 2000 and went public in 2016. BRAIN Biotech possesses cutting-edge laboratories and technologies for scaling up to cubic meter scale.

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Building of Analyticon Discovery in Potsdam
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AnalytiCon Discovery

Potsdam, Germany

AnalytiCon Discovery GmbH possesses unique resources for discovering and developing actives based on natural products, and cooperates with companies in the pharmaceutical, food and cosmetics industry all over the world. It is a global market leader, with libraries of natural ingredients with fully categorized structures and access to some 15 % of all known secondary substances and thousands of structures that have not yet been published. AnalytiCon Discovery GmbH was founded in 2000 and has been a member of the BRAIN Group since 2013.

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Building of Biocatalysts in Cardiff
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Biocatalysts Ltd.

Cardiff, UK

Biocatalysts Ltd. focuses on developing, producing, obtaining approvals for and distributing specialty enzymes. The company provides the rapid, cost-efficient and customized development of novel enzymes and owns the MetXtra™ metagenome library, which allows the rapid identification of tailored enzymatic solutions. With state-of-the-art enzyme production facilities and international sales structures at its disposal, Biocatalysts also offers its customers a portfolio for the direct purchasing of enzymes in several defined fields of application. Established in 1983, Biocatalysts has been a member of the BRAIN Group since 2018.

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Tampa, Florida, USA

BIOSUN Biochemicals Inc. (BIOSUN FFI) operates as a distributor, blender, and manufacturer of a complete range of food ingredients, including flavors, enzymes, natural colors and specialty food ingredients. The company serves as one of Givaudan’s primary U.S. distributors for compounded flavors in select industries. BIOSUN FFI joined the BRAIN Group as of the first of January 2021 becoming a wholly owned subsidiary of BRAIN Biotech AG.

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Nieuwkuijk, Netherlands

Breatec is a by application technology driven company for all kind of applications in the cereal and baking industry. The company is based in Nieuwkuijk, close to the Belgium and German borders, surrounded by many leading international industrial food companies. From there Breatec services its customers globally.
Within the team Breatec has experienced people educated in milling, bakery (bread baking, fine bakery in it’s widest form, pasta /noodle industry etc.) as well in the fundamentals of the functional ingredients required for these markets. The company is FSSC 22.000. All products are certified Kosher and Halal, and for the emulsifiers Breatec is RSPO certified.

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Containers at Weissbiotech in Ascheberg


Ascheberg, Germany

WeissBioTech GmbH is a leading provider of tailored ready-to-use Enzymes for the Food and Beverages Industries, as well as related markets. From its centrally located state-of-the-art manufacturing site near Frankfurt Germany, WeissBioTech supplies to multinational food brands and private label manufacturers of fruit juices, wine and beer, and processors of sugar, starch, potable alcohol and bioethanol. WBT was founded in 2002 and has been a member of the BRAIN Group since 2014.

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Biological wound management
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Cambridge, UK

SolasCure Ltd., established in 2018 with the participation of BRAIN Biotech AG, is an independent company that focuses on the development, CE certification and marketing of medical products based on the novel Aurase® wound-cleaning enzyme discovered by BRAIN for the biological conditioning of chronic wounds.

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