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Matthias Enste
21 September 2020

Enzyme formulator with space for more

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Digitalministerin bei BRAIN
21 September 2020

Digitally supported metagenomics

During a visit to BRAIN, the Hessian Minister for Digitalization informed herself about the advantages of digitalization in biotechnology

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Adriaan Moelker
2 September 2020

Finding the right balance

Six months ago, Adriaan Moelker took over as Chair of the Board, thus assuming management of BRAIN AG. In an interview with News & Views, he talks about his first impressions, his goals, the ongoing transformation process and the future positioning of BRAIN AG on the capital market.

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25 August 2020

Small protein with great potential

How does the substitution of a single amino acid affect the stability and sensory profile of the sweet-tasting protein brazzein? BRAIN is investigating this question in the "PepDancer" project – part of its research activities on sugar substitutes.

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11 August 2020

Recovering platinum group metals environment-friendly

With a biotechnological method, platinum group metals may be recovered from industrial process streams in an environment-friendly manner. BRAIN AG and Heraeus have proven this in a successful collaboration.

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20 July 2020

Protein engineering with reduced risk

Using the REDUCE method, the “protein engineers" at BRAIN AG can optimize a protein in a targeted manner while it is already located in the production host. Enzyme developers can use the method to avoid undesirable developments and save time.

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