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EFIB review
15 October 2021

EFIB 2021: The Green Deal and Biotechnology

At EFIB 2021, representatives from business and politics finally met again in-person, where biotechnology as a driver of the bioeconomy and the hope for an early amendment of the European genetic engineering law was discussed.

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13 August 2021

Brought to life

Biocatalysts has brought a new enzyme production facility on stream in a very short time, despite pandemic-related difficulties. Craig Galeozzie, Operations Director at Biocatalysts Ltd., reports on this experience.

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28 June 2021

For a better and fairer world

The UN Global Compact pursues the vision of an inclusive and sustainable global economy for the benefit of all people, communities and markets. BRAIN Biotech AG supports this initiative.

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24 June 2021

Training completed – jobs, here we come!

New Specialists of the Year: Our three trainees have their diplomas in the bag

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22 June 2021

Drug screening for the treatment of respiratory diseases

Interview with Dr. Torsten Fauth and Dr. Alice Kleber on the potential use of in vitro cell models developed at BRAIN Biotech for drug screening in the field of respiratory diseases.

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17 June 2021

Cooperation in bioprocess development

BRAIN Biotech together with ImmunogenX optimizes a bioprocess for the production of a therapeutic protein

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