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sugar cubes
7 July 2020

Sweet, sweeter... Grab the Candybox with BRAIN

How industry partners can use BRAIN's HTC technology to discover natural sweeteners and sweetness enhancers

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Fermented food
1 July 2020

Domesticated microbes in use

The process of fermentation is gaining popularity not only in private households. The food industry has also recognized the trend towards fermented foods and is offering more and more varieties. What are the reasons? And what can the BRAIN Group contribute to this topic?

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sewage treatment plant
26 June 2020

Biosorption for heavy metal removal from sewage sludge

Sewage plant operators and water treatment companies in Germany are under pressure: by 2023 they have to present concepts for phosphorus recovery. One hurdle for the currently tested recycling processes are the remaining heavy metals. Microorganisms can be used here to separate these metals in an environment-friendly way.

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25 June 2020

Defying the virus − aptitude test based on a new concept

The aptitude test for young trainees at BRAIN has now been held later than planned, despite COVID-19 and under changed conditions.

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unsaturated fatty acids
22 June 2020

Let them be unsaturated

If your food has to contain fat, it should at least contain as many unsaturated fatty acids as possible. Biocatalysts, a member of the BRAIN Group, has launched an enzyme that can be used to enrich unsaturated fatty acids in oils.

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interview with Dr Martin Langer (BRAIN AG)
16 June 2020

CO₂ bioconversion – from greenhouse gas to valuable material

Dr. Martin Langer from BRAIN AG contributed an article to the BMBF initiative "Science Year 2020 – Bioeconomy" in the "Heads of Change" section

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