4 June 2024

Can Aspergillus produce your enzyme or protein? We will find out for you

Producing proteins in a sustainable and cost-efficient way is a challenge for manufacturing companies. BRAIN Biotech's “Plug & Produce System” quickly finds an answer to whether Aspergillus is the right production strain.

Aspergillus niger (A.niger) is a popular industrial production strain due to its ability to achieve high enzyme production yields. However, only the right combination of target protein and microorganism leads to high production yields and thus to economical production processes.
But what is the right combination? This is something that must be found out every time, and that costs time and money.

At BRAIN Biotech, we are able to produce proteins with double-digit gram-per-liter yields - for both homologous and heterologous proteins. We have “Plug & Produce Systems” available that allow us to quickly check the performance of our production strains. These systems show which combination is the most promising starting point.

Due to the great interest of our R&D customers, we have also established this system for A.niger. The expression platform on which the system is based is our industrial A.niger production strain, in whose genome the directed multicopy integration of several gene expression cassettes is possible at the same time.
→ This saves our customers development time and costs.

Initial situation checked? Next, specific strain and process optimization.

Once we have established the fundamental producibility of the target molecule, we start the specific development of the production strain and the associated production process. We can increase the production yield through molecular biological adaptations of A. niger. The genetic adaptations are targeted and efficient through the use of our proprietary G-dase M® technology.

The BRAIN Biotech Group always takes a holistic approach to microbial strain development. For this reason, we start with process development specific to the corresponding target molecule in parallel to strain development.

How do our customers benefit from this?

We offer this technology through our BioScience division, and R&D customers in the fields of enzyme production and precision fermentation in particular can benefit from this platform. With our A.niger production strains and matching fermentation processes, we are able to achieve high production yields for enzymes and proteins. In this way, we help our customers to meet the high demand in various application areas with highly economical production processes.

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